Have you knitted with hemp yarn?

I want to knit with some hemp yarn and i need to know which is the best. I want something that is soft and easy to work with. I want to knit a hoodie!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I've knitted with 100% hemp, but only to make belts and bags--things that I want to be rough and firm and non-stretchy. If you're set on a hemp hoodie, like other folks, I suggest a hemp/wool blend. Check out the Lana Knits (a yarn brand) web site to see what hemp and hemp blends are available. They have great stuff! If you're really curious about hemp, they even have a hemp yarn sampler for $25, which gives you a variety of hemp and hemp-blend yarns to play with.

    I also agree with the folks who suggest bamboo yarn. I've made a sweater with Bam Boo by Classic Elite, and it's soft and silky and wonderful! This stuff feels a lot like rayon, but it's less icky if you sweat on it. Similar interesting, soft yarns on the market include soy fiber yarn, and even corn yarn!

    Source(s): Lana Knits (hemp yarn): www.hempforknitting.com Soy and corn yarn: www.soysilk.com Bamboo yarn: www.classiceliteyarns.com
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    I have also knit with hemp, but have not found one that I would use for a hoodie... Bamboo yarn is another great alternative yarn.

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    You'll just have to go to the yarn store and feel different ones until you find one you like... Personally, I haven't found one much to my liking. The best was a wool hemp blend -- Nature's? I think. The black was called "black licorice". But even that wasn't great. It has very little give and is very hard on the hands. And it is expensive. If you are looking for "natural" or vegetable (vegan) fibers, try ramie. I liked that much better. Soy silk is also just wonderful.

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    Yes, but i kept getting the munchies.

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