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in the UK royal coat of arms what does dieu ET Mon Droid mean and why isnt it English?

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    Don't know what it means, but I do know that for a long time, all the nobles and kings spoke Norman French at court, and many of them didn't even speak English at all, it was unseemly.

  • Adam J
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    It's French for 'God and my right.' While I'm not a historian, the England was conquered by the Normans invading from France and for much of the middle ages the English monarch was highly involved in France, ruling parts of the country at times. During much of the middle ages British nobility probably spoke French, and it might have been considered a more refined language than the Germanic based tongues spoken by the natives, and thus more fitting for a national motto. Somewhat like the latin (e pluribus unum etc) that shows up on American currency and official seals.

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    Perhaps you meant

    Dieu et mon droite.

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    because the royal family used to speak french in times of yorn. it means for god and my right.

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    God is my right (ET means 'and' but I think you meant EST). I don't know why it ain't in English.

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