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Tennis players....?

Do you ever throw your racquet or smash it on the floor when you are mad during a match?

How do u control your anger on the court and not let your emotions show?

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    Are you kidding, of course I have smashed my racquet on the gorund when I'm angry.

    To control my anger, which I am actually doing alot better with, I ALLWAYS think to the positive side.

    1) If my opponent says the ball was out but I know it was in, I simply hit the ball to the same place only slightly inside of where it was before. Because most likely that is their bad side (if you are positive its in) and are trying to get away with it.

    2) If I lost a set, I think about all of my opponents mistakes and play off of them.

    3) If in general I really don't like my opponent and am angry I have to play them, I hit them with the ball. Of course you make it at their feet/ankles, so its a less obvious hit.

    4) Just try and stay calm in general. Thats allways the best :-)

    Hope I helped in some odd way, of course whoever you are playing is not going to be happy with my advice, but o-well.

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    I've never smashed a racquet, but I have been known to throw it around. More often I'll just yell at myself or hit my racquet with my fist. And that's how I control my anger. It would be great to be able to reach some kind of zen-like state (like Paradorn Srichaphan) and never get upset but that's beyond me. The key is controlling it. If smashing your racquet controls it, then I say go for it! Well, as long as you have the moola to replace said racquet...! And just as long as the anger ends there and doesn't affect the next point. I wouldn't be too worried about emoting on court, so long as you have the game to back it up!

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    I really don't see any point in smashing my racquet in a tennis match, or even in practice. It depends on how much money you have because if you are rich, then hell with the racquet, but if you buy your own racquet with your own money and feel like you don't want to mess it up, then don't smash it. I guess I'm used to not let anger control me. I sometimes control my anger in a way that makes me play better. If I get mad because I'm not getting my shots right, then I calm down and try to focus on the game and not my anger. If I get mad because my opponent picks on my weakness, then I release that anger and see if it's working. Hope you found it useful.

  • I never throw my racquet on purpose, but there have been several times that my racquet has slipped out of my hand due to sweat or the humidity. As for controlling my anger, I just try not to let things bother me. Think of a trademark that you can show after every point, a fist pump for example. This way your opponent won't be able to tell what your mental state is.

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    Obviously you know that showing a lot of anger on the court is not acceptable. No one wants to break their racquet against the net post. Everyone knows that, the problem is controlling the anger.

    I don't have a solution, just want to put it in perspective. I'm sure you've heard the phrase "it's only a game". The reason most people get angry is at themselves for screwing up.

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    I've never thrown my racquet in a real tennis match. But I have in matches with my friends, and sometimes at practice. You just got to let it go, and try and get a good shot next time.

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    I'm usually a very quiet player, no fist pumps or racquet throwings or anything, but sometimes, keeping it all inside leads me to be pissed and frustrated. So I'm thinking about buying a couple stress balls or something to squeeze. Maybe you could try that.

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    I never throw my racket or let anger affect my game. Usually when you get mad you'll start playing bad. Tennis is supposed to be fun and getting angry and throwing your racket would ruin your fun and your opponents fun. Just show your positive emotions, but don't get to cocky when you win, and keep away from negative emotions. Like President Roosevelt quoted "Speak softly and carry a big stick." Just let your game do the talking.

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    i've smashed a few in the past, but i finally realized that i play much better without much emotion. some players play better with emotion - if you're one of them then go ahead and get mad on court. but it's not considered very polite to be throwing rackets around, someone could get hurt. and it cost you money. but try playing like an icy cold swede (just a reference to on court emotions) and see if you play better that way. i just remind myself that i'm not THAT good, i'm going to miss some shots, sometimes i'm going to make the wrong decisions, and sometimes my opponent is simply going to pressure me into making mistakes.

    oh well.

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