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What do you think of this party for leaf Green?

Venasaur Persain Dragonite Riachu Starmie Dugtrio


tell me any thing I should do to beat the elite four

Update 2:

Update change Dugtrio to Hauntar

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    Elite Four

    Your team should consist of Electric, Psychic, Ice and Water types (if you've got a high level Water/Ice type, definitely bring it). Zapdos and Articuno are obviously great choices, but don't forget about the likes of Alakazam, Jolteon, Blastoise, Cloyster and Gyarados. Jolteon's Pin Missile attack will prove itself worthy against the Psychic types you will encounter in the final battle.


    Dewgong (54)

    Cloyster (53)

    Slowbro (54)

    Jynx (56)

    Lapras (56)

    Lorelei shouldn't give you too much trouble as most of her Pokémon are Water types and can be knocked out with one Electric hit by your Zapdos or Jolteon. Watch out for Jynx, though. Her Ice attacks are powerful against Flying Pokémon.


    Onix (53)

    Hitmonchan (55)

    Hitmonlee (55)

    Onix (56)

    Machamp (58)

    The fighters are easily defeated with the help of a Psychic type or by a Flying attack like Drill Peck (another job for Zapdos...). Use Surf against Onix.


    Gengar (56)

    Golbat (56)

    Haunter (55)

    Arbok (58)

    Gengar (60)

    You can easily knock out the Ghosts and Arbok with a Psychic attack. Golbat is also very vulnerable to Electric attacks. Agatha loves to put her enemies to sleep and then follows up with Dream Eater. You can counter this by switching to another Pokémon. Remember that the Poké Flute can be used to wake up sleeping Pokémon.


    Gyarados (58)

    Dragonair (56)

    Dragonair (56)

    Aerodactyl (60)

    Dragonite (62)

    Lance's group is made up of some truly rare Pokémon. Luckily, most of them share the same weakness: Ice. Use Blizzard or Ice Beam against all the Dragons. If you don't have a Water type to use against Aerodactyl and an Electric type for Gyarados, you can use Ice attacks on those two flyers as well.

    It's not over yet. You knew there was going to be one last showdown with your arch nemesis, Gary -- and the time has finally come.

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    Awsome altough i dont think the dugtrio will work good in the elite 4 but the riachou will help alot the elite four is tough i had a zapdos moltres vaporeon venasaur fearow and primape and it still was no easy win is awsome if u sign up for my nintendo (free) you will get tons of hints and tips on all games including walkthroughs game news and cheats.

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    to beat eltite 4 u must have a lv 53 electric pokemon

    lv 50 pokemon which knows ice beam

    lv 48 and above pokemon which knows surf , hydro pump or water gun.

    the have a lv 50 pokemon which knows physic.

    have yoUR STATER pokemon and a strong pokemon which can be a back up

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