can you use pastels on canvas??????

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You may not use Dry Pastels on Canvas. Even after proper primming they tend to dust off quickly. Perhaps using some fixatiff may solve the problem.

    In case of Oil pastels! yes you can use them on primed cotton Canvases. I did it although the result was not satisfactory.

    For more information on Pastels you can log on to in the Pastel Forum. Its free.

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    there is two type of pastel

    1.dry pastels

    2.oil pastels(which can be use with Turpin or linseed oil on canvas)

    *buy a biginner guide book on pastel painting.

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    1 decade ago would be suprised at all the things you could do with pastels, and all the different medias you could use on a canvas!

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