Shamil Basayev and Chechnya?

I know this is a shot in the dark, but I was wondering how people (especially Americans) reacted to the death of Shamil Basayev. I know that most American's probably have never heard of him, and I am not looking for a wikipedia answer. I want to know, for those of you that follow Chechnya, what your feelings are?

Personally, I feel sympathy for the Chechen cause but I also understand the greater political implications....Cilvil War(s) in Russia would be a disaster for just about everyone. I personally think Shamil Basayev got what he deserved, remember he did kill civilians at Budyonnovsk.

Serious thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!


P.S. I am Russian-American so I know the history of the region and even the modern dangers of "setting precidents".

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    Chechnya is a Russian pain. Always. From the very beginning. Every hero of the classic Russian literature is going to war in Chechnya. Communist oppression suppressed all nationalist, religious, and other movements, and the problem was not visible than. But it was there. Russia political and military steps were not always right. But Russia cannot afford to let Chechnya go. It will make the precedent, that with wave of terror you can get independence. We have to admit that Chechen militia are terrorists widely supported by world terrorist groups. I it is hard to impossible to win war with terror, unless it will be supported by united World efforts. Not there yet. Russia is not a free country, but from two evils I would side Russia in this war. I remember Budyonnovsk, I remember Beslan, I remember Moscow Theater. Unfortunately, with Basayev death the war is not over.

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    NO IDEA!

    search it in Wikipedia

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