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Im coming on a student exchange to ASU & really wntd 2 wtch a sundevil game...will i miss the football season?

Im coming to ASU on exchange during ur spring semester in 2007 from Jan -July....will i miss the entire football season?

Can i catch ANY football games at all, whether it be college or NFL?

What other sports are there to watch during the time that im there!?

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    You will catch the tail end of the football season. You be here right in the middle of the NBA (basketball) and NHL (hockey) seasons. College basketball will also be in full swing with March Madness leading to the Final 4 weekend of course in March.

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    You will miss the ASU football season but you can watch the superbowl on television.

    You can go to the ASU baseball and basketball games.

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    Yes you will miss the college football season. You can watch the Devils get their asses handed to them by the Wildcats in basketball though.

    U OF A!!!!!!

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    the NFL playoffs are in the winter so you could watch the playoffs but other then that no.

    January 6, 7, 13, 14, 21 are all playoff games

    February 4th is Super Bowl XLI

    February 10th is the pro bowl

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    Well, I guess there's a whole season of Arena Football to watch (Feb-June).

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    yes ... How can you watch 2 shows if you have only one tv?

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    dude.. you know what your messing out on.. CHEESEBALL!!!!! the cheeseball season is from.. nov to dec.. you misssed out.. garsh..

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