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How is vaginal birth pain without an epidural?

Plz inform me and share stories!

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    Don't know and don't wanna find out. Contractions are bad enough. I always had epidurals. With my last baby the girl in the next room thought she could handle the pain without an epidural and she was screaming her head off cussing at everything. When she realized she couldn't handle it it was to late for the drugs. My doctor encourages epidurals he says why endure the pain when you don't have to and it is true. Plus an epidural seems to help labor and delivery move along quicker. At least it did in my case. But the way that girl was screaming was just real scary and who wants to listen to that?

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    I didnt have an epidural when I was in labor with my son (he is now 2 1/2) and to tell you the truth, it is probably the WORST pain you will ever have to go through....I was actually a little dillerious from the pain and couldnt even remember the last part of labor......but, the wonderful thing about it is that once the baby comes out, EVERY pain COMPLETELY stops!!! It is actually kind of weird because for the amount of pain that you are in, it seems like the pain would linger afterward, but it doesnt, it just completely goes away and you have a new little baby to enjoy!! Good Luck! If you feel like the pain is too much to bear, then get an epidural....I was just scared of the gigantic needle going into my back, so I opted for some drugs in my IV (which really didnt work all that well)!

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    I was able to do it twice and I am still alive. I had made up my mind before I went to the hospital that I would not be getting one. If I did not have my husband there though by my side I probably would have given in to asking for the epidural. Instead I got a little pain medication through an IV and while I didn't notice it making much of a difference, it was probably enough to take a little edge off the pain. But I can't lie to you, at the moment I remember thinking the pain to be unbearable, but in both cases, right when I thought I couldn't take it anymore it was time for me to push and that was almost a relief. Still painful, but you want the baby out so bad, it doesn't matter. I am glad I stuck it out and went the natural way (except for the pain medication in my IV). I have heard epidurals interfere with a woman's urge to push and can make labor and pushing much longer. With my first the pushing was 25 min and my second was about 30 min.

    But I just kept in mind that for thousands of yrs women dealt with the pain and still managed to have their children. For a healthy woman and normal pregnancy, I think it is definately worth the effort to go natural. But before you make your decision, read everything you can about labor and epidurals so you have all the facts :)

    Good luck :)

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    While I had pethadine, I did not have an epidural. The birth was painful, but wouldn't change the experiance of been able to feel what was going on, and the relief of when it was all over. I was also able to start moving around pretty much straight after the birth, where as friends that have had epidurals have had to wait to the following day.

    It is personal choice though, and you may decide to have an epidural if the labor is an extended one.

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    painful! lol...

    look, epidurals aren't the final word in labour pain relief. My sister had an epidural and said that:

    1) the needle hurt more than anything else that happened during the birth

    2) it didn't seem to do ANYTHING about the pain (just caused her more)


    3)it slowed the birth right down, so her labour ended up getting longer and longer and LONGER...

    I (unsuprisingly) did not request an epidural when giving birth. I happily accepted the gas and the pethadine, however! Obviously I survived the pain...

    Having an epidural takes away your power during labour. The one thing that I really really REALLY didn't want for my labour experience was to be bullied by nurses into doing things I didn't want to (that weren't in the best interest of me or my child). Once you've had an epidural, I dunno, it just seems like all you can do is sit back and let the nurses take over. I didn't want that. I wanted to decide which way to sit /lie, I wanted to be able to make choices for my body. I wanted to be IN CONTROL. And I am so glad I was.

    I really felt so much stronger as a woman and a mother after being able to handle that sort of pain, make decisions under those taxing conditions, and come out the other end just so much happier than I could have ever imagined. And knowing that it came about because of decisions made by ME. It was so liberating, so empowering, and really bestowed in myself the belief that I could handle anything that the world threw at me, and I could handle it WELL!!

    Of course, only my opinion... And I do not want to imply that I think people should NOT get epidurals (or listen to nurses), they are sometimes a medical necessity. I would just like to urge women out there to believe in themselves, to know that, while it is excruciating, it is VERY possible, and that the sense of accomplishment (and competence) it leaves you with are possibly some of the finest qualities you can take into motherhood.

    ps. there are certainly no prizes for martyrs, so if you need (or feel you might further on need) pain releif, TALK TO THE MIDWIFE about your options, and there should be plenty. Also, think about freshening up on relaxation techniques, listen out for music you find soothing, and even surrounding yourself in a colour you find truly divine have all been said to help...

    Good Luck!!

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    I have three children and did not get an epidural for any of them, the first I had a lot of pressure, but not really pain, the second I had some good drugs, so I don't really remember and the third, I was just getting ready for another dose of meds, so I didn't have any meds for him either and they were all ok, I wouldn't get an epidural with the needle and all the infections that could occur.

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    I'm crying just thinking about how much pain my wife was in before they put an epideral in.

    She is a small lady and having twins.

    You may not have as much trouble as her but if you can get an epidural.

    If at all possable you should get an epidural.

    I can say I've had a spinal tap and its not that bad when they put the needle in. You don't have to be affraid of that.

    I'm just a guy and I can't realy explain anything I hope some lady tells you enough to were you understand an epidural would make it allot nicer.

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    My first child i didn't have the epidural. Oh my gosh that was the hardest thing i have ever done. I don't recommed that to anyone. With my second holy cow. I told the doctors as i am delivering i could so give birth again. It was a piece of cake.

    But really natural child birth made me realize that I am a weak women. I could not walk for days it hurt so bad. I mean come on think about it you are having a average 7 pound baby come out of you with no meds. It is not fun.

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    Just imagine the worst pain you have ever experienced and multiply it by 1000000000000000000000000000 trillion! I couldn't get the epidural that I was BEGGING for for 6 hours because there was only one anesthetist on duty. I was vomiting, had diarrhea and was shivering from shock because of the intense pain. I am a strong, fit woman and as a psychologist have trained in hypnotherapy so I thought I would be fine, but do yourself a favor and seriously consider getting that epidural!

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    I've had three children and haven't had an epidural with any of them. When I was pregnant with my first I heard so many bad things about epidurals that I didn't want one. I had Stadol with my first too. I felt like I had a few shots of Tequilla, but I could still feel the pain. When I had my third, things progressed so quickly that I didn't have anything. Will have nothing again with this pregnancy (12 weeks prego now).

    The pain was intense with both Stadol and nothing, but after you hold your new bundle of joy in your arms the pain was worth it. And you'd go through it again for a new bundle of joy.

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