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For what? Do tell.?

“Yes, I killed innocent people for my government. And for what? I feel like I’ve had a hand in some sort of evil lie at the hands of our government. I just feel embarrassed, ashamed about it....I spend long hours speechless and looking at the wall, seeing nothing but images of dead Iraqis.” - Marine Sergeant Jimmy Massey

Pfc. Bradley Mason, 20 testified that, during the May 9 raid, Girouard told his squad that Clagett and Hunsaker were going to kill three detainees who had been handcuffed.

Clagett and Hunsaker "just smiled," said Mason, who said he objected to Girouard. "I told him I'm not down with it. It's murder," he said.

"He[Girouard] said that if I say anything, he'd kill me," Mason said, according to a pool report.

Cortez and four other soldiers are charged with raping and murdering 14-year-old Abeer al-Janabi, killing her family and then burning the family's home and the girl's body to hide the crime.


For the liberation of Iraqi people? God, are you a hopeless person. Do you recall in 1996!!! for f---sake, Madeline Albright said on 60 minutes that the death of over half a million Iraqi children under 5 years of age due UN/US sanctions was "worth it." Worth what? I'm sorry you know people who've lost their lives in Iraq but if you think those people died so that Iraqis can have better lives, you obviously know very little about the foreign policy objectives. It's not to spread love and joy everywhere. It's about power and control.

Update 2:

And the war in Iraq sure hasn't made us any safer. The whole world hates us and Israel recently followed our stupid lead and are now killing civilians in Lebanon. Turkey has been threatening to go into Iraqi Kurdistan to deal with Kurdish "terrorists" - Turkey's been repressing Kurds in Turkey for decades. Yet, you choose believe that by taking a dump on international law, the US is doing something noble. It has made the world more dangerous. And try to name one country that has gone to more wars than the US. Try to name one country that has overthrown more democratically elected governments than the US. Of course, first you would have to be aware of such things and therein lies the conundrum, the pink elephant in the room: Your Ignorance.

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    For what? For the liberation of the Iraqi people who suffered greatly under the tyranny of Sadaam Hussein. For all those innocent Iraqis Hussein himself killed with his weapons of mass destruction. For a better way of life for millions of Iraqis. To rid the world of as many terrorists as possible.

    Yes, sadly enough, some innocent people are killed in any war. It is happening in Lebanon and Israel as I write and it's very sad. Just as thousands of innocent people in America were killed on 9/ll/01 by terrorists. And yes, there are a few bad apples in the Armed Forces and that also is a shame. But let's not take away from the brave men and women who are decent people doing a hard job fighting this war.

    In our town today, a brave soldier, David Hierhouser, lies in a flag draped coffin in the funeral home. Tomorrow he will be buried. This week all the flags in our area have flown at half staff in honor of his service to America and tomorrow all of us will line the streets as his coffin passes by. We will remember him as a good and decent man; a friend to all in our community; a man who volunteered his service to his country and gave his all in that honorable service.

    So you sit and look at the wall seeing dead Iraqis. I have seen dead Americans too. My son-in-law did two tours of Iraq with the 101st Airborne and he came home a hero to us. He isn't wasting his time staring at a wall. He is working hard to support his wife and five children and the several foster children for whom he is responsible. You focus on the few who have been dishonorable in their role in America's armed forces. I prefer to focus on the many who served and continue to serve honorably. And tomorrow I will say goodbye to our local hero, David Hierhouser, a good man who saw a need to defend America and gave his life in the doing.

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