Do you prefer classic names or "trendy"and/or made-up names? Why?

What classic names do you like the most and least?

What "trendy" and/or made-up names do you like the most and least?
Update: Believe me, I know the whole "jennifer" phenomenom! That's why I'll NEVER have an Emily. I was in eleventh grade before I was the only Jenny, IN ONE OF MY CLASSES!!
Update 2: I have two neices (not sisters), one has an unusual name (as does her brother) and the other has a regular name, spelled weird. I keep their birth announcements handy so I know how to spell their names correctly!
Update 3: chrissy, I like that "sounds like a name instead of an object".
Update 4: There is one name that drives me crazy with the spelling...Mikayla (or however). It used to be be spelled "Michaela".
Update 5: This is just a topic for "discussion", not for help with names.
Update 6: I think "trendy" could also be described as overly popular.

We used to love the name Emily. If we ever had a girl, I didn't want her going through what I did. You can only shorten Emily to Em or Emma (any other way?), since Emma has become another overly popular name.
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