What do you think? In todays society & culture (USA) do you think it is ok NOT to wear makeup?

I normally don't wear makeup, although as an early teen I tried. I don't because my complection is very oily and it seems that if I put on makeup at 7am, by 9 or 10am it is gone. I won't even touch my face, but on my morning break look in the mirror and you can't even tell I have anything on. By noon my eyes are burning because the makeup has mixed with the oil on my face and gotten into my eyes so bad that I have to wash my face. The cloth is barely dirty, except when I wash my neck. It's like it's all slid down to my neck, then stopped. I've tried all kinds of makeup, even the kind specially made for oily skin. So, do you think makeup is so vitally necessary for a woman, that those who don't or can't wear it are looked down upon or treated differently (like a child)?


Thanks ead824. I've tried the pressed poweder trick. After a while, even w/ no foundation on, it feels like it's an inch thick.

Someone also mentioned using Biore oil absorbant cloths, or Burts Bees similar product, I will try those, as even without makeup, I generally have to wash my face while at work, and again as soon as I get home. Thanks for all the answers so far.

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    wow, that sounds like it's more trouble then it's worth. Sometimes i wish that ihad never started wearing makeup because now when I don't have it on I just don't feel right. And I don't like that. It's wonderful to see girls who don't feel they have to wear makeup, I love it and it gives me hope for myself ^_^

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    I dont think that not wearing make up is a big thing. I dont wear makeup often. Maybe to solve you problem with oily skin try your skin care regimine. Try masking and using a toner, then if you want to wear make up it may stay on better. Or try using only a little blush and mascara. If you dont wear make up always try to do your hair and dress in a professional mannor and then no one should look down on you. It is sad that we live in a society that makes women ask questions like these. This is a society problem and not your problem. As the dove commerical says ,"Feel confortable in the skin you are in" Do what makes you feel pretty and confortable.

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  • ead824
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    No make-up is not necessary. However if you find that your foundation is running than you should try a matte foundation (non-oil based) or just a pressed powder. the pressed powder can be tinted or transluscent either way you can touch up when you begin to shine and it won't run. Good Luck.

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    personally i love makeup because it enhances my looks. but it is absolutely ok to not to wear makeup. it is up to you. what really matters is what u want. if u have confidence, then u would even look good without makeup. always remember to have a beautiful smile on face.

    for ur oily skin, i would recommend you to use cleanser, toner, moisturizer daily for oily skin. if this doesn't work then see a dermatalogist.

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    Sure it's OK, if you don't like it, you don't like it. And no, you shouldn't be looked down on or treated like a child! If anyone is looked down on, it's people who wear too much...there are a couple people at my job I'd like to "extreme makeover," one who wears clownish blush circles & draws her lipstick outside her lips, and another who looks like she colored her lips with a flourescent pink crayon. The only thing I think about those who don't wear makeup is how nice it must be to not take that much time getting ready!

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    no makeup is ment to enhance you already awesome beauty , but try burts bees oil absorbing rice cloths at gnc they help alot with the oil!there are some at walmart too biore and clean and clear too, honest try it!!! lol

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    Yup definately. I see a lot of people without make up. And just as many with. It's totally fine.

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    no alot of women dont wear make up, i am not right now, but i would like to because i have blemishes but i try to make it look like i have nothing on and so does alot of other women so really it is better to have no make up and better for you skin too. my hubby prefers me to not wear it too!

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    make-up is only to help someone look better and to help them with thir self-confidence, u won't be looked down on.

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