Why is bad for U.S.A the inmigrants?

With out mexicans your country will go down, can you understand that?

Texas is the 9th economy of the world, thanks to mexicans, they do all the hard work, because we are to lazy for that.

75% of the poblation in california is latinoamerican and with out the mexicans you wont have food, only chemicals, you wont have fast food, in almost all the places with fast food survive thanks to mexicans.

Disneyland will go down because almost all disneyland products are from mexico.

Mexico is the second most important countrie for U.S.A.

(After China)

Why do you hate Mexico?

Don't be racist



I am very young, sorry for my spelling but i know more english that you will ever now in another language.

Me entendiste?

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    your little day without an immigrant did what? that's right NOTHING

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    Actually, querido Carlitos, dejame aclararte dos cositas not all hispanic immigrants are Mexicans, where I am from in florida we have next to no mexicans, we come from other countries in latin america and we do quite well(I know this must surprise you a little).

    Secondly is not against mexicans in particular, sadly here in the states if you're hispanic you're automatically mexican something I find annoying, more than half of the 11 million illegal immigrants in this country actually come from central america (el salvador, honduras, guatemala etc),

    The whole gripe is that they come here ILLEGALLY without any regards as to how the immigration system works, and expect to have every accomodation once they get here, I find this offensive

    because my family has spent thousands of dollars in going thru the whole legal process and for this people to come here and say ' I DESERVE THIS BECAUSE I DO ALL THE CRAP THAT YOU LAZY AMERICANS DONT WANT TO DO" is simply ludicrous.

    Terceramente, this illegal immigrants, are a tax burden to tax paying Americans, why? because they come in, use public services like medicaid, foodstamps,etc, without paying a dime in taxes, they want to take everything and give nothing back, I know because I work at a hospital where there is big influx of new immigrants and they use all the services and act surprised when theres a bill to pay, I as an American have to pay for the very air I breath, why not them?

    Is not being racist, is just that they are a burden to taxpayers.

    and Oh, Carlitos..we will survive, this country was not built by lazy people otherwise we would not be the superpower we are now.

    let me ask you, Can Mexico survive without the US?

    Source(s): look up google, department of social services statistics for the past 5 years
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    First of all, I don't dislike immigrants. Immigrants are GREAT! Our country was founded by immigrants and became what it is today because we have continuously accepted more immigrants than any other country.

    Second, I like Mexicans. Mexico has been a fine neighbor to our country for the last 100 years or so. Mexicans have a rich and colorful country. There are very, very many Mexican Americans in the US. Americans, many of them, are Mexican.

    The problem is with illegal immigrants. Why wouldn't you want all those workers you list to be paid legal wages and have legal rights? Do you think it is good that they should work for slave wages and have few rights, and really only have the rights they do have because America is extremely lenient and puts the rights of people breaking its laws ahead of its own interest, even people who aren't citizens of the US and owe no loyalty to the US, people who are the responsibility of another government? These people are not only Mexicans, by the way.

    Can you, in any logical way, actually argue that America should not try to stop ILLEGAL immigration. How would you explain that? I mean, you don't want the immigration to be LEGAL, you want the US to support the breaking of its own laws? You think that Americans should be able to tell Mexico how to run its country? You think Americans should be able to say, "You can't stop us from coming across your borders and participating in illegal activities such as drug usage and prostitution. We support your economy in this way, so you should be thankful for the dollars we spend in your country no matter how we spend them. You have no right to jail us when we are caught breaking your laws."? It is a ridiculous way to think, isn't it.

    Do you actually think this is about Mexicans? Take a look around the world. All the well-developed nations with democracies are battling illegal immigration. Those other countries have few or no illegal immigrants from Mexico. In Australia there are detention centers where people were plucked from boats and detained for several years because they were trying to enter the country illegally. In Spain, they are inundated daily with North Africans who build crude ladders to climb the fence, YES I said fence, separating Spain from the rest of North Africa. In England they have illegal immigrants from around the world. All of these countries and more are doing what they can to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into their countries and deport the ones already there. Why do you think that is? BECAUSE it is harmful to their economies. I know it is complex and difficult for you to understand, there are reasons a country needs its workers to be legal. I mean, you can at least understand that every country in the world expects its workers to be legal. Why can't you understand that might be for a reason?

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    This is propoganda, people. Don't believe it. Mexicans have taken over through illegal immigration, a baby boom, slave labor, and this type of propoganda. Our country didn't fail before Mexicans dominated the labor market. Americans were given those jobs. If Americans were able to get those jobs back, at living wages, America would be better, not worse. And I think the asker is in Texas, not Mexico.

    Source(s): Californian
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    We don't hate Mexico, we don't hate Mexicans, but legal and illegal are two different things and the difference is very important. I live in Central Texas and in the last three weeks there have been a kidnapping and sexual assault of one girl by three wets, the capture of one wet for sexual assault and murder of one young woman, and a killing by an illegal. Now I know all the crimes are not committed by wets, but the Mexican criminals move back and forth freely, and if they are undocumented there is no proof of their existence. Another thing, I work with one man who quit his job last week, because his wife who is working on her paperwork can't get her hospital bills paid by the government because he makes too much money. Please explain to me how that helps us here in America? You cannot deny that the first thing immigrants do illegal or legal is get medical care, they get lunches for their kids in school. The American dream is supposed to be to work, make something out of yourself, and have a good home. In Mexico, Americans cannot vote, cannot own property, and if they DARED to demonstrate against the Mexican government and wave American flags around, they would disappear into a mexican prison, never to see daylight again.

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    The population of US has increased a lot in the past decade. If u say US hates immigrants then its wrong. the population has increased so much that it cannot allow more immigrants. And the worst part is that many immigrants come to US illegally from Mexico. That's what makes most of the Americans hate Mexicans.

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    I've answered the same question so many times I'm tired of picking up the sledgehammer to beat the economic reasons into your pointy goddamn heads.

    Read some of the four billion other questions asking 'why are illegals not wanted', 'the economy would crumble without illegals', and 'why are people so racist on this board'.

    And while you're educating yourself elsewhere, trying picking up a book on English grammar. It's difficult for people to take you seriously when you can barely communicate.

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    Don't thinks so- I know let's try it and see. You know, all the illegals go home and we'll see if all the fast food places close up.

    I have No problem with ANY race who comes here legally but it should be very strict how you enter and checked that they aren't bringing any illnesses in the country and if you or your children are arrested or in gangs or caught stealing or breaking the law, you are to be deported, never to return. Learn the English language NOT the other way around, If I go to your country it is up to me to learn to say what I want.

    And the business owners should be heavily fined for hiring illegals. KEY WORD -ILLEGAL

    get it? Apparenty our govt. doesn't.

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    Then why can't Mexico keep their own economy up? Mexican can come to the U.S.A. Us Americans just want them to do it legally. Is that to much to ask for. This is America, We are American, and we are proud to be Americans and any one who wants to be apart of this wonderful country need to do so properly. That also means they need to speak English when they get here.

    Also, Mexico would not like it to much if Americans started crossing the border illegally and tried to take over.

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    ???? Why does this have to be about RACISM.. Most of the comments I have seen on here are NOT RACIST! It is people from the USA saying hey wait a minute, the Mexican's can come here, get amnesty for BREAKING THE LAW and we just say oh yeah, come on over, take our food stamps, and healthcare because we can't qualify for them!

    I am ALL FOR ANY NATION to LEGALLY Immigrate to this wonderful country.

    I AM AGAINST - 11MIllion people from ONE COUNTRY getting Amnesty just because 'they are here'. Get out, come back when you are LEGAL and can speak, write and read English.

    Let me be CRYSTAL CLEAR - If it were Italians that were doing this, I would be just as upset, or Germans or Iraqi's. It is NOT about Mexican people.. it's about people coming here illegally, demanding rights in our country when you are here illegally and then, carrying their flag saying how great Mexico is, yet, why the hell do they keep coming here if it's so great there. Obviously it's not, so if they were purple, green or pink people, and they are here illegally, I would want them deported. It's that simple. It's not about racism, and when you figure that out, you'll be yards ahead in working out that we welcome and are glad that people want to come to our country legally, we welcome them, and want the best for them. They follow labor laws, and health/sanitation laws, etc.. and IN PART.. This is protection FOR THEM.. so they EARN A fair wage, get decent housing etc... Pls stop making this about racism.... it's not. Illegal is Illegal and nobody 'cares' if they are Polish, Canadian, or Iranians.

    My 2 copper

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    Good for you. Stick to your guns. The U.S. would be in a world of hurt if the Mexicans weren't so gracious and willing to help do our dirty work for us that makes our economy go.

    Could you imagine trying to make some American welfare queen turn off Oprah and get out of bed to go to work at 6:00 in the morning in 100 degree weather!

    We appreciate and need ALL immigrants!

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