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What does w00t stand for?

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    'The word, 'wOOt has many meanings:

    It is a gamer term now used as a Term Of Excitement, joy, happiness, to celebrate some kind of accomplishment, or on finding a treasure.

    Here are some examples:

    1 wOOt, I defeated the bad guy! ( Excitement)

    2. wOOt I got 100 percent on the maths test! (Accomplishment)

    3.wOOt, I passed my Math exam. (accomplishment)

    4. hOOt, I've won a million in the Lottery Draw! ( Sudden luck, finding a treasure)

    II. The word 'hOOt' might have been derived from the following similar expressions,

    'Wonderful Loot


    'Wow Loot'

    III. The word is used as ACRONYMS as shown below:

    W (aste)

    O (f)

    O (ur)

    T (ime)

    Another one:

    W (ay)

    O (ut)

    O (f)

    T (opic)

    Hope this gives a fairly good idea of the word, meaning & usage.



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    like..woohoo!!..horray!..woot!..just weird ppl but in the 00 to make it look some ppl yell woot! when they are happy

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    It's just another word for saying YAHOO! =)

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