This morning's news showed evangelical american christians supporting Israel?

What do the Jews have to do with the End of Days that they are wishing for? Do you think the support for Israel is dubious? Don't they know that Lebanon is a Country filled with Christians? Why would Christians support a Jewish State like Israel when it comes at the expense of putting thousands of Christians in danger?

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    I'm personally having trouble figuring out how they come up with this one, but my father's pastor said that the actions of the Jews will be very important during the last days and the tribulation. Apparently, the antichrist is supposed to try and bring about world peace, and his first attempt to do so will be to make peace between Israel and the Arab peoples. One of the ways he does this is by finding a way to remove the sacred to arabs place Dome of the Rock and give that space to the Jews, who will rebuild Solomon's temple there (which is thought to be the original location of the temple).

    Then the antichrist is supposed to set up a covenant with Israel that promises 7 years of peace and this will signal the beginning of the Tribulation (the last years of mankind in this system of things). And finally about halfway through those seven years the Great Tribulation begins (Satan is supposed to be hurled out of heaven and forced to Earth). This will result in many people being hurt and killed, but the Jewish race is supposed to get the worst of it.

    But again I'm not sure where they are getting this from, how they are interpreting the bible to say this. It might, but I don't understand how, maybe asking a pastor or minister may help you more than I could.

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    First of all, yes, there are Christians in Lebanon, however, Israel is targeting Hezbollah, not the Christians. Remember that Israel originally entered Lebanon in the 1980's BECAUSE the Christians BEGGED Israel to help them because the Hezbollah were bombing the crap out of them and want them out of Lebanon- frankly, want anyone who is not Arab to be dead! Israel went in to support the Christians and pushed the Hezbollah back beyond the River, which is where Israel is trying to get them to now.

    There are also many Christians living in Israel very peacefully and happily alongside the Jews and other groups. Israel has been good to the Christians in Israel. Why shouldn't Christians here be supportive of Israel? The Hezbollah want to destroy Christians, Jews and Americans. The Israelis are fighting the war for all of us- to lessen the fighting power of Hezbollah. We should all be supportive.

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    Actually, Lebanon is not full of Christians. It once was, but durring the seventies and eighties, many of the Christians were driven out or killed by the muslims. They now represent a minority in that country.

    Do you remember how Afghanistan was harboring Al Quaida, and when Al Quaida attacked us, we invaded Afghanistan. Now Al Quaida is so bogged down fighting us in Iraq, they can't attack us on our own ground.

    Similarily, Lebanon has harbored Hezbolah, even though the U.N. security council resolution already ordered Lebanon to disarm them. Lebanon did not, and continued to harbor Hezbolah, which has been attacking Israel for years, launching rockets indiscriminately into civilian areas, killing innocent Israeli women and children. How can you be so narrow minded as to think that Israel is in the wrong in this conflict? That is what you are implying in your question. Of course Christians support Israel. They recognise that when you deal with violent people, the only affective deterant is the threat of violent reprisal.

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    It seem that it does not make sense. But Israel is not attacking Lebanon or the Christians as you suppose. Yes, many innocent people are suffering-but that is just a by-product of war. American Christians are friends of Israel. The Christians in danger over there are just in the wrong place-it is not Israel's fault.

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    I dont understand some ppl's words.. So when God say those who support Israel would be blessed.. does that means regardless of what.. one has got to support Israel.. even if they are wrong? And that Israel can never be wrong? Isnt that a card that the Israeli can play on the Christians.. knowing that they have no obligation but to be somewhat be like a "slave" to the Israelis?

    I can understand that human can be racist.. but i dont understand how can God be racist and support one race outright no matter what they do.. That is racist isnt it.. Are we to be blamed for not being born an Israeli? Am i to be blamed for not being born a white guy? Thats total racist dude..

    And the question is true.. are we supposed to be supporting the Israelis against fellow christians? I ask myself... how would i feel if i am in their position.. knowing that my fellow christians world wide think that i should die cos God told us to support Israel as we will be blessed.

    Hezbollah is Hezbollah.. but why a collective punishment on the citizens.. including thousands of fellow christians.. Is it because they are arabs? and since they are arab christians.. they are dispensable.. cos they dont look christians? I think thats what many of us thinks.. sadly..

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    Because most American media is controlled by Zionists.

    Zionists place Israel's interests above those of the US.

    I wonder how many people would support Zionism if they were billed for the costs of supporting Zionism, rather than requiring all American taxpayers to share their burden?

    Most Israelis are atheists from the former Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, or, their descendants. And, their occupation of land in the Middle East fulfills no biblical prophecies.

    Zionism relies on ignorance, as does religion generally.

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    It is unfortunate that there are so many Christians in Lebanon, but they are seriously out numbered. Israel is being supported by the U.S. because it says in the bible that all nations will come against her and she will not fall. Somehow throughout history noone has been able to beat Israel in war. This is because God said He would protect them, and He does. So why get involved in a conflict between war hungry Hezbolah (Iran,Syria,Lebanon) and a country that is protected by God Himself?

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    Israel isn't fighting against the Christians in Lebanon, they are fighting against the Islamic militants from Syria who control part of it. Lebanon used to be mostly Christan until illegal immigrates from Syria moved in and took power by force.

    As a Christian of Lebanese decent I see Israel as trying to liberate Lebanon from Syrian control.

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    In the end of times Israel will play a vital role in Bible Prophecy.Revelation1:7,chapter 14 Revelation16:12-16 all of chapters17&18,God loved Abraham and promised both Abraham and Jacob ,Gen.13:14-17;15:5,15:17:21,12:3,27:29....Promised to give Abraham and his children His Holy Land.God will bless those who help Abrahams children(Jews) and curse those thet dont.go to key source and read tracks,"Love the Jewish people,and" Squatters."

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    I wouldn't say that I support lobbing bombs into another country. But God says in His word, the bible, whoever blesses Israel, He will bless. Whoever curses them, He shall curse.

    That is why the US of A always backs Israel. God told us to. That being said, I can't say I approve of the killing going on. How can I support them but not what they do? I pray for them...that God may guide them, help them, and lead them in His righeousness.

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