Received speeding ticket in CA with GA driver License?

I just moved here and I have purchase a car and car insurance here in CA.

However, I am still using my GA driver license. I just received a speeding tickets. Will it effect my car insurance even if I haven't got my CA driver license yet.

Also, how much will my speeding ticket cost me and which state (GA or CA) will this speeding ticket be reported on record.

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    In Ca your suppose to get a Ca license when you become a resident. There is no penalty in Ca for not switching over however if you get a ticket that's different. My suggestion to you is go to Ca DMV and apply for your license (you need your certified birth certificate, no feet prints on it, your social security #, make sure first and last names match, if not bring the official document that changed your name, ie: marriage license, and money). Even if you bomb the test they'll give you a receipt with your new DL # on it. Take that paper with you to court, play all "I didn't know, I'm so sorry, blah blah blah". most judges will drop the no Ca drivers license and you'll be sited for only speeding. In Ca you can go to traffic school every 18 months to get rid of a ticket. If your really gung-ho, go to traffic school, on line piece of cake, take your cert of completion and your Ca license #, they might drop it all together. Secrets of the trade (not guaranteed).

    Source(s): Ex Ca DMV employee
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    Yes it will show up on your record and it will follow you when you get your CA license. As for how much it will cost you. Do you mean the ticket itself or your auto insurance? The cost of the ticket is stated on the back of most violations. The insurance cost depends on what your driving record looks like now. And how fast the ticket was written for. Minor Speeding violations are 1-15 MPH over the posted limit and Major speeding is for going over 15 MPH over the posted limit. Good Luck!!!

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    I believe you have up to 6 months to change your license over to ca. yes it will affect insurance no matter were you live. the cost of the ticket should be on the ticket. it will follow you , it is in the computer so when you change your license it will show up there to, but if your in ca. if they send you anything in the mail it will go to the address on your GA.

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    Maybe you should try calling both the California and Georgia department of motor vehicles, and your insurance rep.

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