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Palau island?

i want to know the details about Palau island

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    Palau is one of the most extraordinary diving spots on this planet. Far to the southwest of Micronesia the Republic of Belau (the traditional name) consists of an archipelago of 343 islands, spread north to south over 100 miles form the atoll of Kayangel to the island of Angaur plus five tiny islands, known as the southwest islands.

    Palau's profuse, unspoiled reefs offer a wealth of marine life, coral formations and wrecks. Dives begin in knee deep water and plunge straight down to depths of 1000 feet and more.

    Blue holes, huge caverns and an immense variety of rare and exotic marine species are easily accessible in clear water with visibility exceeding 200 feet. Vast numbers, not found anywhere else in the world, of large pelagic predators, sharks, turtles, dolphins and many species of migratory fish gather here at a unique crossroads of three of the world's major ocean currents. Land locked marine lakes, accessible from the sea through tunnels beneath the island's steep shorelines, are home to rare jelly fish, anemones and soft corals.

    Palau's famed "Rock Islands" are a collection of rounded, foliage-covered isles which seem to float above the surface of the water. A boat trip through them will reveal a number of magnificent white sand beach hideaways perfect for a secluded picnic or adventurous overnight stay. Below the water's surface, divers and snorkelers are treated to a diverse technicolor paradise of fabulous drop-offs, blue holes , breathtaking reefs, crystal caves and World War II wrecks.

    Diving & Snorkeling

    Palau offers an enormous number of diversified diving experiences not duplicated anywhere else in the world. There are over 100 different dive sites in and around the 90 mile coral lagoon and adjacent islands.

    Palau was named the Number One Underwater Wonder of the World by CEDAM -- a group of marine scientists and conservationists.

    Over 1300 types of fish inhabit the region, including manta rays, barracuda, sharks and giant clams.

    The world famous Rock Islands are a divers "must" with magnificent wall diving at such legendary sites as Blue Corner, Ngmelis Drop-off, Blue Hole and Peleliu Corner.

    Because of the clarity of the waters, snorkeling is excellent in or near almost all of the famous dive sites of Palau.

    Other Activities

    There are a number of sightseeing tours available to visitors, including:

    Rock Island Tour--boat ride around Palau's famous Rock Islands with picnicking

    Stone Faces and Monoliths of Ngarchelong--hike through traditional villages and lovely jungle scenery to mysterious and ancient stone monoliths left by the early Palauans

    Belau National Museum--the oldest in Micronesia, offering a history of Palau through its handicrafts and artifacts. A fine example of a traditional bai (men's house) sits on the property.

    Helicopter Tours

    Air Tours

    Adventure Kayaking

    Scuba Diving--various packages available

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