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Implications for practice

First of all, any role that the nurse can play in both osteoporosis and fall prevention would be helpful. Intervention studies focusing on prevention of falls have found a 40% reduction in fall rates among older persons living in the community (Tinetti & Williams 1997). Many teaching guides are available, including a recent publication that provides evidence-based recommendations for the prevention of falls in older people (American Geriatrics Society and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Panel on Falls Prevention 2001). Although osteoporosis places people at increased risk for falls, related information is often excluded from fall prevention education (Kamel et al. 2000). This needs to change, with nurses and other health care providers integrating information about osteoporosis prevention, screening, and management into their teaching. Older women should be encouraged to initiate discussion of such treatments and management strategies as calcium supplements, vitamin D, available medications, and exercise with their health care providers.


This study was funded by the Hogstel Gerontological Nursing Research Award of the Beta Alpha Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX, USA.

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    涵義為實踐首先, 護士能充當在osteoporosis 和秋天預防的任一個角色會是有用的。干預研究集中於秋天的預防發現了對秋天率的40% 減少在更老的人之中居住在社區(Tinetti & 威廉斯1997) 。許多教的指南是可利用的, 包括提供對秋天預防的基於證據的推薦在老人的最近出版物(美國醫學社會和美國學院矯形外科醫生盤區在秋天預防2001) 。雖然osteoporosis 安置人在增加的風險秋天, 相關資訊從秋天預防教育(Kamel 等2000) 經常被排除。這需要改變, 用護士和其它醫療保健提供者集成關於osteoporosis 預防、掩護, 和管理的資訊到他們的教學。更老的婦女應該被鼓勵創始關於作為鈣補充的這樣的治療的討論和管理策略, 維生素D 、可利用的療程, 和鍛煉與他們的醫療保健提供者。

    承認這項研究由斯格碼希臘字母的第八字Tau Beta 阿爾法章節的Hogstel Gerontological 護理研究褒獎資助了國際在得克薩斯基督徒大學, 沃斯堡, TX, 美國。

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