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1997 Chrsyler LHS, I am having problems..Please help?

I have a 1997 Chrsyler LHS. I put a new motor in it not long ago. Now I am having problems with the radio. When I want the radio on I have to put a fuse in to play the radio, when done driving I have to take the fuse out or battery goes dead. Also when i have the radio on my door lights stay on. It seems like a constant power thing. I took off door panels to look for lose wire have not seen any, or look for any problems with the wires, nothing..I can't listen to music at night driving. Also when i turn car on the heater comes on too.. Any help will be appericated

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    It sounds like you have a few problems in your wiring harness. The best thing for you to do would be to go through the car with a Multi Meter, and test all the circuits that are giving you a problem. This sounds like this not going to be an easy fix, you will have to take some time to diagnose this. You may have some wires crossed some where. Good luck.

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    bingo. WIring harness problem. THe radios 12v line isnt hooked up to an iginition on line, but rather a fll time on line that separate from the ignition.

    have fun trying to find that one....

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