what's your favorite festival or holiday?


new years??


mardi gras??

4th july??

and why?

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    Thanksgiving. It's just about eating lots of good food and being thankful for having the things you've got. No presents, fireworks, or other gimmicks, just good food.

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    This is my favorite because of all the great parties that people have. Plus, it was my favorite when i was a kid. I didn't grow up with much money so Halloween was a great time to get candy that we couldn't afford.

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    Namaste! I love the annual Hare Krishna festival in San Francisco. Why? I LOVE KRISHNA - that's why (and the dancing and the vegetarian food and all the Hare Krishnas)! :D OM SHANTI

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    Christmas - Happiness is in the air

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    Thanksgiving & Easter (Ressurection Day)

    The Only true Christian holidays observed in the U.S.

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    Christmas. It was the holiday that our family celebrated together

  • 1 decade ago

    not my favorite but very fun for the family ....Pro -Football Hall of fame week ! ( ohio ) its going on now and always so much fun !parades and fire works , rib burn offs and rides for the kids , concerts and lots and lots of Pro football players in town !!! of course the HOF game ( raiders and eagles this year )

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