vodka Roberto Cavelli?

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    Roberto Cavalli Vodka, retailing at $60 per bottle, will be sold at leading wine shops, restaurants, lounges and clubs in 750 ml bottles in individual cylinders and is 40% alcohol by volume (ABV). The first markets will be New York, Miami and Los Angeles before rolling out nationwide. Southern Wines & Spirits will be the U.S. distributor.

    Dorado-Pizzorni & Sons is distributing Cavalli vodka in North America, South America and the Caribbean. Cavalli's son has the rights in Europe. The vodka was launched in Florida,

    New York and California, and last month distribution was expanded to Chicago, Nevada and Massachusetts. By the end of the year, Cavalli vodka should be available throughout the U.S., Pizzorni said.

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    Sounds good..........But also sounds expense!

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