Are over the counter sleep aids safe to use during pregnancy??

Since becoming pregnant, I have suffered from terrrible insomnia!! Is it safe for me to take something to help me sleep??

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    Do NOT take any type of medication, vitamin, or herb without first talking to your doctor or nurse!

    You never know what kind of effect it may have on the baby or the pregnancy.

    There are a lot of medications that will go to the baby through the placenta and you wouldn't want the sleep medication to go to the baby and put it to sleep (it may be too much for it, but the right dose for you).

    Never be afraid to call your doc and ask questions. That's what they are there for and what you pay them for!

    Try taking a warm shower/bath before getting ready for bed. Don't drink anything with caffeine.

    What I used to do was take a wash cloth and wet it and put it in the freezer during the day. When I was ready for bed, I'd take it out and lay it across my eyes (I'd put another wash cloth under it so it wouldn't be freezing my eyes) and I just found it so relaxing.

    I also bought some spray that had eucalyptus or lilac in it and lightly spray my pillow and sheets. Very soothing. When it was summer and I was very hot, I bought a osculating fan and put it on my dresser and put that on low and let it just go back and forth (head to toe)..kept me cool and put me to sleep too!

    Good luck and give the doc a call before tying that!

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    Some of it is probably stress, if your mind is racing. Just remember, if you didn't finish everything today - there's always tomorrow. Don't drink a lot of water or eat later at night. This will also keep you up. Make sure that you're sleeping with a lot of pillows and keep in the habit of laying on your left side.

    Unisom is a good OTC to take when pregnant. It's also suggested for use in aid of morning sickness. If you take 1/2 unisom gel cap at night, it's a safe doseage to take and you'll be sleepy.

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    Sleeping pills are not an ideal solution for insomnia.

    Sleeping pills should not be taken during the first trimester of pregnancy.

    Although sleeping pills have not been studied in pregnant women, in animals (in high doses) they have been associated with detrimental effects ranging from delayed development to breathing or feeding problems in the newborn, to dependency of the baby on the drug, to birth defects or even death of the fetus.

  • 'Barn
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    No! What you take your baby takes! You're only pregnant for 9 months. You'll be okay and toward the end of the pregnancy you'll have insomnia and go the to bathroom alot! You'll be okay. Don't take sleeping pills.

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    I couldnt sleep when I was late in my pregnancy. My doctor said I could take benadryl which is an antihistamine. I delivered in March so it hasnt been too long ago. Im sure benadryl should be ok. I would ask your doctor before use though.

  • Anonymous
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    Before taking anything. You need to consult with your OB-GYN..AND why in the world would you jump your behind on here and ask a bunch strangers that don't have a clue.. that haven't gone to medical school?

    Another reason why some people shouldn't have kids..You just proved my point!

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    No absolutely not. However, many OBs say Benadryl (which makes you drowsy) is ok. Personally, I didn't take anything. You might as well get used to the no sleeping thing -- wait till the baby comes.

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    Mymidwife told me to take Tylenol PM when i couldnt sleep. I wouldnt take it every night but once in a while it wont hurt. I also drank an herbal tea called Sleepy time tea which was a blend of herbs. It helped me to relax when i was pregnant and couldnt sleep...Good luck!

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    I take Tylenol PM. Most sleep aids arent for every night use though. You should ask your doctor what he thinks is safe.

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    Not thing to do it call the dr. I kind of doubt they will suggest it..but hey I'm not a doctor and never asked before. If you find out lemme know..I'm having the same sucks. Good luck!

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