Mexico corruption is spreading to USA?

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Why can't the Goverment of USA put pressure on the Mexico Goverment to make their country a better place so their people will not run from their own country,I know it is none of our business but when we have 20 million illegal immigrants in USA it becomes our business,and we can't send them to a country full of corruption because they will come back,Bush needs to do something so those people could go back home and stay home. Mexico it's so corrupt. Their goverment sucks,they are very greedy and don't care about the poor. but yet they are some poor people their that do share the little things they have with others,because they know the strugle. Honestly it's hard to explain,I have heard from alot of mexicans that everything boils down to Money & Power, those who have it live good."some say if you have money you have power" wrong not in Mexico, you need both.Because if you only have money,they will steal it from you in a heart beat. kidnapping a family member for ransom,Yes that is one of the most things that happens in mexico "Kidnapings".They do it to actress and actors all the time.They did it to the singer Thalia(Tommy motola wife's) with her two sister,she had to pay big money to get her sisters back..The police over there is useless they are so corrupt and greedy,they will not help you in a emergency if you are poor.Alot of teens don't make it to 20, They are alot of rapist & killers. There is this town that a mother went to report her daughter missing to the cops and they screamed at her and kicked her out of the police station. They are really mean.Not everyone knows how corrupt it is, The goverment here in USA should do something to help them so people won't have to suffer in their own country.But the goverment in mexico tries to look good in the eyes of usa,but it is not good at all,it the most corrupt country,They really need help.


2006 and click on Mexico.

It's worst know 2006 Kidnapping for ransom is an established criminal activity in Mexico. Most incidents go unreported to police. Unofficial estimates of kidnapping levels vary wildly, from 600 to 3,000 per year countrywide. In most cases, the ransom is paid and victim set free. The usual victim practice is not to notify police authorities, as the popular belief is that the police may be involved in the crime or certainly are unable to resolve the situation. Mexico City police are widely considered to be underpaid, poorly trained and corrupt. From senior police in league with narco/organized crime elements down to the routine bribes paid daily by motorists, Mexican police enjoy little respect from the general population. Reporting crime is an archaic, exhausting process in Mexico, and is widely perceived to be a waste of time except for the most serious of crimes or where a police report is required for insurance purposes.

So if you think that is dangerous,how do you think USA will be in a couple of years the same as MEXICO,and no matter how manny times they send them back and close the border real good,they will still find a way to come in and who could blame them,no one want's to live in a country so corrupt,USA needs to fix that place in order for them to stay there,and everything goes back to normal here. Because there corruption is starting to cross the USA.

They have been alot of reports in june of illegal immigrants raping young girls here in USA..

USA needs to do something fast.


batmansgirl1977: If you read it all you will uderstand that i am talking about their goverment,corrupt people that don't care of the poor and that is why the poor hard working people cross to usa for a better life,That is why USA needs to help their country in order for them to be safe in there homes and have oppurtunities with out their corrupted people stealing it from them.and now the corrupt are even crossing too in this whole illegal immigration thing.

Update 2:

Why are the corrupt coming over here when they have money they steal from the poor in there country? I don't know.

Update 3:

batmansgirl1977: I am not a hypocrite, I have never change my mind about supporting the ilegal immigrants,

There is a diference,I support the good hard working people that come here to better themself, but i don't support

the corupt,criminals and those who come here to take advantage of our stuff. so that is why is complicated.

But if you read my past questions i always said i have never visited mexico because i would be scared,so of course i don't want usa to turn like mexico. Like in every race there is the Good & the Bad and in Mexico the good (are poor) the Bad (are corrupt) so i only support the good people coming in to usa,because they need our help.

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    That is something we will have to deal with the rest of our lives, so we better get used to it. i don't think they will ever stop the flow of illegals into the united states. Mexico is a wealthy country but the government is what keeps them from succeeding as a great nation. the people in Mexico have always lived that way and it,s something they have grown accustomed to.

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    "Cocaine" is harvested in Andino-America(Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador), and most of it, is trafficked " via Cuba-Florida." -*-*-*-*- Obama and Calderon Know that, they are going to be addressing that problem. Merida Initiative is BS: Last June 30, President George W. Bush signed into law the "Merida Initiative", better known as Plan Merida or Plan Mexico, just days after it passed Congress as part of the Iraq supplemental funding bill. The measure had to go through several versions before finally being approved by both houses, as legislators went back and forth with the Bush administration and Mexico President Felipe Calderón's government over human rights conditions. The final aid package of $400 million differs little in content and conception from the original version presented by President Bush on Oct. The initiative contains fatal flaws in its strategy. Its military approach to counter-narcotics work will escalate drug-related violence and human rights abuses and result in an inability to achieve its own goals. Although presented as an unprecedented effort to fight burgeoning drug trafficking and violence related to organized crime in Mexico, the "Regional Security Cooperation Initiative" will be a failure and a waste of money, and instead stopping the flow of illegal drugs, it will boost it, So communist Cuba can continue trafficking cocaine into Florida while spreading violence in the Mexican/USA border.

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  • 1 decade ago

    okay, weren't you the same person who was whining just a few weeks ago when people were calling immigrants violent criminals and you cried and cried about how they were wonderful harmless people? how in the hell, in your schizophrenic mind do you think posting this helps your cause. you can't say their harmless when they come to America, but their violent towards each other when their in Mexico.

    sorry honey, no one can understand half of the rambling you do, and since we're on the subject what on earth makes you think that this government is not corrupt, and just why do you think that we "have" to help them fix their country? because, if you haven't noticed when my country tries to fix another countries problems it tends to end in war. and then what will you be whining about? I'll tell you, i can hear you now "if only all you racist people would have just left the poor helpless illegals alone they would have been fine, but your horrible country had to start a war, your a horrible bunch of terrorist". you GL are a hypocrite, you say one thing and when it no longer works for you, you change your mind and say something else, don't think no one has noticed.

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    we're talking about illegals here, not all 20 million illegals can go to mexico since they come from many other countries. We would also have to fix even worse and poorer gov'ts from central america and south america and asia.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Though you may have your faults with Mexico and their corruption it is also important to know that USA has had it's share of corruptions and conspiracies think about it. Dont be too judgemental.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Of course this country be coming scums soon as possible coz we let all this low life peoples to here.Thats why 4437 the poison for kill all illegal stay away from here. and hispanic politic be come corruption and white politics will follow them.

    Better do something right now then never

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  • chet
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    we get the people and the mess that come with them

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's been a plague here for years and years!

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