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Does any body actually believe the Bible? Does anybody believe the story of Noah's ark?

If so, how long did it take him to collect ALL of the non aquatic animals? How did he travel the ENTIRE WORLD to find ALL of them? Does it mean that all animals are inbred? And all people are too? First from Adam and Eve, then Noah? Why does Herculese and Thor seem more likely to have happened than that b.s.?


And to the dummies who say the animals came to him, how the hell did ALL of the Australian, Antartic, N. and S. American animals get to the middle east. After all of that swimming, why need an ark?

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    Oh for heaven's sake.

    Well, first of all, Noah had to build the ark. Never mind that he likely didn't have a clue about building anything. When God tells you that you have to build an ark and collect all of the animals, you know that you are going to have divine help in making such a ship sea-worthy.

    I don't know how long it took poor old Noah to get the animals, or how he even got the kangaroos from Australia, the polar bears from the North Pole, the elephants from Africa, the anacondas from South America, and so on and so forth.

    Nor do I know how he got them to all walk up the ramp very nicely, two-by-two and into the ship. Goodness. Try telling your cat to do anything, and see what happens. Noah must have had that "special touch".

    And I'm afraid I don't know how he fed them for 40 days and nights, nor do I know how he had enough water on board. As for bathroom facilities, well, let's just say that God takes care of everything.

    But all of that is really no mystery. The real puzzle is the state of the world when the ark docked. I mean, God killed all of the people on Earth with the flood, right? What happened to their bodies? Were they all scattered around, decomposing everywhere? That must have a nice "hello" after all of the trouble that Noah went through.

    And what about the high water itself? Where did it go? Is there a drain in the earth somewhere?

    So, even though this might not be the most helpful answer, you can rest assured that it is every bit as sincere as any other that you will read!

    Would you care to ask about Jonah living in the whale for three days?

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    I believe the story of Noah and the great flood.

    There is evidence of such a flood, such as fossils on top of mountains. Also there are ancient stories from tribes all over the world of a great flood and a man building a boat to save his family and all of the animals. For a more in depth look at this try the link below.

    As another answer listed, Noah did not have to go find the animals, they came to him.

    How did they travel to Noah from all over the world? I believe all of the continents were connected. Look up an article about continental drift and the theory that all continents were once connected in a massive continent that many now call "Pangaea". I believe effects of the flood caused Pangaea to begin to divide.

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    Yes, I belive the Bible is true. And yes, I belive the story of Noah's Ark.

    Note, that Genesis does not say Noah had to travell the entire world to find the animals... Check it out!

    Also, there are a number of feasibility study's about this topic, see the links below for more information.

    When it actually comes down to it, the Bible isn't really that mysteriouse or hard to believe. It has been studyied and researched to be a very accurate ancient historical document.

    And we have myths such as Herculese and Thor, and belive them just like that. And Santa Clause, we belive them with very little evidence, by word of mouth. But when it comes to the Bible, people are skeptic.

    In reality, it is valid historical documentation. Validated to be accurate in a number of ways.

    Check out "The Case For Christ" by Lee Strobel. He researches all the methods for testing whether the Bible is true, such as archeological, historical, eyewitness. Fascinating read.

    This is a more in-depth article.

    Other websites you might want to look at are:

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    At Noah's time, everyone was mainly in the same area. There wasn't enough time for everyone to go off and migrate to other areas, that happened after the Flood. So, Noah didn't have to go searching across the whole world.

    He also spent a really long time making the ark. That gave him plenty of time to look for all the animals.

    Noah's family includes his wife, as well as the wives of his sons. So, no, at that point, no one was inbred. Only at the very beginning, because there was no other choice.

    Plus, there's historical evidence for a huge Flood to have happened right around when Noah would have been alive.

    It's not just a fairy tale, really. ^_^

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    Noah's Ark story is highly unlikely for the reasons that you have mentioned, as well as the fact that the area where Noah supposedly built this ark didn't have enough wood to build an ark of that size. Also, how did he house the termites? :)

    But, don't throw out the Bible with the bath water, so to speak. Just because some of the Bible is clearly more of a parable or metaphor than reality, there clearly are some historic references throughout the Bible. Whether you attach religious meaning to them is entirely up to interpretation, though. Same with Greek, Roman, Norse, Persian mythology-some is probably fact based, but embellished.

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    Not sure why you are asking this.. but if you keep up with history.. the world was not always like this. The continents were once together.. and so fourth. Ice Age is not only a cartoon. So Noah's ark should be believable. If you have questions maybe you should talk to someone from church. I know all this is true.. I just believe in my heart.. sorry I was really no help.

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    Well since this is one of the most ancient accounts in the Bible, it's really hard to tell a lot of the details.

    But it has been my understanding that almost all the ancient peoples have some Flood story in their far past with similar details it seems like it is a worldwide belief. Also I thought I read once that there was a break in the fossil layer at about the right time for the flood that showed a massive die off of species.

    For what it's worth.

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    I have an easier time believing noah's ark than the rest of the bible... I do not believe in god, but I do believe PART of the story of Noahs ark... I dont really know what happened or if he really got all the animals onto the boat, but I believe he built it and that there was a huge flood (most of that has been scientifically proven) I dont know if I could believe the details either.

    Source(s): Studied religion for 3 years trying to "find god"
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    I so don't buy what the bible has to say. To me it is just another book full of little stories that aren't really all that entertaining in my opinion anyway. My philosophy on life is to be a good person to yourself and others and that's all you have to be. No need to quote verses or try to convert the world into subscribing to your beliefs.

    So bottom line is NO, I do not believe the bible nor the story of Noah's ark. If any of this were true, why can't these "miracles" happen today? I'm more of a "I need to see it to believe it" kind of girl.

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    Well, Noah only had seven days before the deluge when God gave this command. There is no possible way that he could have collected every species of non-aquatic animal in that amount of time. So God must have helped him by causing the animals to go to Noah. Makes sense, right? I mean, if God could create them, he could definitely make them go to Noah.

    And yes, I believe in all of the Bible.

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