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are there any unlimited weight class football teams for children ages 7 to 8 years old in the city of phila?

my son is very big for his age 7 and can not play against boys his own age because of his size he would have to play against boys 3 to 4 maybe more years older then him. i am trying to register him on a team which is not limited by weigth but by age so that he can play against boys of his own physical maturity. boys older than him are naturally stronger and more experienced than him. we live in phila pa 19150 and appreciate any help or information we can get.Thanking you in advance.

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    I don't think you are going to find it. It is just to dangerous. I know the boy next door to us, follow my son around for a whole summer because he had to lose 15 pounds to make the next age class for football, because he was so much bigger and heavier then his own age group.

    Maybe you could have your son try another sport. Hockey does not seem to have these weight restictions, although I think they should. Again it is a contact sport and the chance of injury is high.

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