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do conservatives care about children and the elderly?

these are our 2 most vulnerable populations, that need programs and support and conservatives continue to cut these programs. shameful

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    the conservation believe in self need,My Doctor told me that since Bush has been in office the poor children at her hospital,won't take the poor anymore because budget cuts,In Columbus,Ohio thy had to shut clinic down because no money, yet health insurance going up a record rate,it is shameful we talk about family value,Columbus city school has to give free breakfast and lunch to over 90% of the children,thy miss school thy don't get feed that day I need to get off my soap box,but stand up Phil ,here in Columbus the republican mayor spend 400 million dollar on a trash burning that never work

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    Some do, some don't... just like everyone else.

    Besides, wanting to cut programs doesn't tell us anything. Maybe conservatives don't think government programs are the BEST way to help children or the elderly. They could be wrong in that assumption, but that would make them incorrect, not uncaring.

    It's kind of like claiming liberals don't care about our servicemembers or about God, since they have often cut programs for the former and are opposed to any government programs for the latter.

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    This is where personal responsibility enters into the equation. You say that conservatives continue to cut these programs - is there any measurable indication that any of these programs had any positive impact on the very people that they were targeted for, or as a liberal, all that you want to do is set money aside in a government program, let the bureaucrats throw it away and waste or downright steal at it... it makes no difference to you, just as long as you can pat yourself on the back and make yourself feel better so that you can brag about doing something good - even thought nothing was done to help these people? That's the difference between liberals and people who have a connection to reality. We want the results - we want these people be to be helped, but we won't do it by throwing money in the toilet by funding agencies and programs that cannot honestly account for how the money is spent and don't want to make any accounting for anything that they do...

    Liberals think that all money is rightfully theirs, and that all tax money should thrown at all of our problems, regardless of results. Liberals want to say that they did something - conservatives want to try other means, and honestly accomplish the goal of helping those in need. Liberals want to talk about it and point fingers, conservatives are willing to try other means and actually attack the problems at their cause...

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    In all actuality, Liberals and conservatives are together on this. They work together on everything, though it may seem they fight a lot.

    Liberals job is to tax people and waste their money on ineficient programs.

    Conservatives job is to cut those programs without cutting the tax increase that was instituted to pay for them.

    Would you rather pay a bit more in taxes with a slim hope that the services the government buys with them will be sufficient, or would you rather keep that money and invest it so that you will definitely get some kind of return on it?

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    no it is up to you if you are old to provide for your self and your parents need to if you are young .IT is not the job of conservatives to care for anyone but make a system which allows you to care for your self .

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    Yes. We donate significant money to private charities that help them.

    It's that we don't want the Feds to make it an unconstitutional entitlement.

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    Name one cut?


    How was it cut?

    Not just the amount it was to increase. You said a cut.

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