What is STP Cable?

What is STP Cable? And what is difference between UTP and STP Cable?

Also describe pin structure of NIC (Network Interface Card)?

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    STP is shielded twisted pair - in the outer covering there is a wire mesh to help protect the cable, and to help reduce "noise" (anything that causes signal degrading).

    UTP is unshielded twisted pair - basically the same, just doesn't have the wire mesh - standard Cat5e cable.

    on a typical network cable (strait through) color code is

    whiteorange, orange, whitegreen, blue, whiteblue, green, whitebrown, brown. on both ends (look at with the clip facing away from you).

    if you got more question e-mail me on it.

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    Shielded Twisted Pair and Unshielded Twisted Pair. STP is shielded so it won't get as much interference from outside sources which makes it able to go longer distances that UTP cable.

    As for the NIC, are you just wanting a Pin assignment? I/O, ground etc? Check out the link below not sure if it has it but it's out there somewhere, do a little searching.

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    Sheilded Twisted Pair (STP) is just like Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable except that STP has a foil sheilding around each twisted pair. It is supposed to eliminate alot of EMI (electro-magntic interferance.) STP is expensive and really has no benefits over UTP. Most all networking implimentations use UTP.

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    a type of copper telephone wiring in which each of the two copper wires that are twisted together are coated with an insulating coating that functions as a ground for the wires. The extra covering in shielded twisted pair wiring protects the transmission line from electromagnetic interference leaking into or out of the cable. STP cabling often is used in Ethernet networks, especially fast data rate Ethernets.

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