how fast is a jet airplane going on touchdown?

just curious.

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    Aircraft approach speed and touchdown speed vary considerable depending on the weight of the aircraft and its configuration. But consider this: How long would it take to stop an aircraft going 220 mph at touchdown? A 747 could easily weigh 350,000 pounds, going at 220 mph, thats a LOT of energy to dissipate and that takes a lot of runway.

    That is why most aircraft are fitted with things known as "high-lift devices" These things bend off the front and back of the wing to increase its "Curviness" (if you want to sound smart you can call it camber) These devices are known as flaps. They allows the aircraft to maintain the required amount of lift at a MUCH slower airspeed. A 350,000 pound airplane needs to make 350,000 pounds of lift in order to keep flying. The downside to these devices is that they slow the aircraft down dramatically. this is not such a bad thing when tryong to land ai arcraft.

    Basically, the approach speed of an aircraft (known as Vref) vary considerably depending on the weight of the aircraft, but that range typically starts around the 100knot (114mph) range for smaller regional airliners and extend up to about 160 knots (182mph) for a heavy transport jet.

    Some though, like small business jets approach even slower as they are considerably lighter and therefore do not need to make as much lift to maintain flight. And some, like a military F-16 approach significatly faster as they have no high-lift devices installed on the leading egdes of the wings to allow them to slow down

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    Jason above mentioned that a 747 could land at 350,000 pounds. That would be an EXTREMELY light weight 747. I do not know what they weigh empty, however, I fly an airplane that is slightly larger than the 747 and it weighs about 375,000 pounds empty. It maxes out at 840,000 and I have landed at weights right around 765,000 pounds.

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    "What is slightly larger than a 747??"

    He could be a pilot of a C-5 Galaxy - Air Force heavy transport that is larger than a 747.

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    All depends on the aircraft 150+MPH. Concorde used to come in pretty fast due to the poor low speed aerodynamics, required special tires to withstand the speed. Sad that one exploded on the concorde that crashed.

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  • It depends on what type of jet. Usually it is about 220 MPH.

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    What is slightly larger than a 747??

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    about 200mph

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    1.3 So

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