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why suicide is not legal and necessarily moral?

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    So, you want it to be legal that people can kill themselves? You do not see anything wrong with it? It is such a major issue, why would anyone want to kill themselves, and run away from thier problems. To me, there isnt one thing that would make me want to kill myself. I can get low, and sad, and wish I wasn't in the situation, but to kill myself, absolutly not. I do not think its right. I do feel that those who do feel they need to kill themselves have a metal problem.

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    I will say that I think it's funny to make it illegal. If ALL of the other reasons not to take your own life weren't enough to deter you, the LAW is? Especially when you figure that if you think you're going to be successful, you won't have to deal with the consequences.

    And how often can it happen that it wouldn't fall under an insanity plea?

    I've met people who insist that it's someone's right to be able to end their life when they want to. I think that in most normal circumstances though, people are in changeable life-circumstances and would later regret that decision. The morality of murky at best and depends vastly on your cosmological outlook. If there IS a god, then you're wasting the life he gave you etc. If there isn't, then at very least, you're speeding your way to lack of existence, and...that kinda sucks. I think if nothing else, it's an easy way out, and that no matter what the cause, there's something noble in staying to fight.

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    First thing's first. How can anyone even compare suicide to murder? That's just ignorant. Second, if someone feels that they need to take their own life, and no one is able to convince them not to, than this person is so lost that it would take a miracle to put them back on track. Your life belongs to you (hence "YOUR" life) so do what you will with it. If you want to be a junkie, be my guest. If you want to get married and have a family, better hope you can find someone willing to have sex with you. And if you want to kill yourself, forget about legality and morality. Just remember that you will be crushing the hearts all of your friends and family. Have a nice day.

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    Suicide is illegal 'cause dead people don't pay taxes.

    Murder is not permitted unless it is sanctioned by the state against an enemy of the state (war) or of the people (criminal).

    A condemned criminal is placed on suicide watch before they are executed. A botched suicide gets you jail time and/or mental institution.

    The state owns your life and allows you limited freedoms, but not the freedom to end your own life.

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    Suicides will remain illegal bec the individual has no right to take his or her own life. It is just like murder when you take someone's life. However, 'Euthanesia' (painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable dieease or in an irreversible coma) is prevalent in some nations.

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    What difference does it make to a person who successfully commits suicide whether or not it was legal??

    People should be allowed to euthanise themselves if they can show that they have too much stress/pain/issues to continue living.

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    If life is not held sacred what are the use of laws. To say it is ok for someone to kill themself is no better than saying it is ok for someone to kill someone else and it in no way helps the person. Surely it is more helpful to try and look for some ways to solve what is causing them to feel so bad.

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    that's probably the dumbest law i have ever heard... whats the law going to do after the person commits Suicide...Arrest them :P

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    cuz if it was legal the majority of world population would be dead!

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