why is their so much hate in the USA for all other cultures?

i understand we cant be over run with people,and should not let that happen,but the fact still remains ,its clear that many here in usa feel they are above all on the planet,how did we fall into such a god like state of mind ,viewing our selfs as such an important part of the planet,could this be noticed by those on earth that are more wise than us? how old is the american culture? how old is the cultre in china,could they be more wise? is seams possible due to the state of our economy as of today''our export to them% there's to us,we may have bigger guns but battles have always been won by the mind, their history proves this statement, it is my feeling we have much to learn in a very short amount of time to prevent the out come of what can take place,hopefully we can get over our complex of perfection and focus more on the end result of our nation, in say 500 years, how wise we where supose to be, will be more important than how smart we think we are today. ---what do you think?

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    I believe that most Americans don't feel like they are "god." Most Americans and I mean most are just trying to live a good life. Have a nice family, job, and an overall life.

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    I think that there are a LOT of ignorant people in the world. If you are going to judge people by what you read on this forum then you'd have to judge the non-Americans on here just as harshly. I've read some shockingly hateful things said about the entire USA and every American in it written by people who actually live in the USA but aren't American. I mean, if I was staying in another country and I was talking like that about the country and its people, I'd expect to be run out of town on a rail.

    Again, if you look at some of the views coming out of France, Australia, the UK, etc., you would find statements just as offensive as the ones you find here.

    I don't think there is any more hate in the USA for other cultures than any other country, and possibly less than in most other countries. I, for one, love other cultures, which is why I choose to live and work abroad. I have lived in several countries because I wanted to experience their cultures. I have married a man from another culture, and we both live in a third culture. I am not an anomoly. There are many, many other Americans like me. I am ashamed of some of the things I read on here, but I don't think it is fair to make such a broad statement as you have made.

    I live in China. I don't think you should romanticize their culture. It is true they have much to offer the world, but they are no more wise than any other nation. I don't know where we got that idea from. They have done horrible things to their own people throughout their history. They are very concious of skin color and while they don't have the rigid caste system that India has based on skin color, prejudice is wide-spread and overt. And they are polluting their land and the world in shocking ways! These are not opinions, but facts. Even so, I would not go around China blasting that without expecting there to be a backlash.

    However, you are right. We are too full of ourselves and that will be our downfall.

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    It may appear that this is true. Yes some do think they are superior to other people. Saying that other peoples are wiser may not be the correct statement. I am from the USA and for many years did have the opinion that there was something special about the USA. Now I know there is for sure. It has been thirteen years since I have been to the States and have seen many different peoples and many different Nations. I find that the beliefe that the nation people live in is better than any other is much stronger in most other lands. On average people in the States are much more tolerent of others and much more giving to those in need than any place I have traveled to. The people of the USA are less pregidus than most other places are. One thing that causes so much belief in the Americans hating others is due to the news that is broadcast all over the world. Any land you go to and turn on the TV or radio to the news it always be headlined with news from and about the USA. CNN and Fox news is in many nations on cable and satillite. It angers me when I see on the news people in the USA telling the world how bad it is there. Yes the States have there problems as any place has. Very little of what is actually true of other nations is ever delivered to other nations by TV or radio. Some has been showing up on the internet but there needs to be more of how it truely is in other nations. There are more people trying to go to the States from other nations than are wanting to go to any other land. Many have to choose Europe as it is easier to get there for many than it is to the USA. The USA is a very special nation and I would like to know that you living there will try and keep it a special nation. Get involved in your government from local to national and keep it great and fare.

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    Battles have never been won by the mind. They are won on the battlefield. It's the failure to realize, accept, and apply this fact which has caused so many problems for Americans in Iraq.

    The reality of the matter is that we're more important than 90% of the rest of the world. Not arrogance, just fact. America is the sole remaining superpower. We can't plan for 500 years from now, and we can't anticipate 500 years from now either.

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    Thank you Ken and James M! We are basically good and decent (not perfect) people...and most in the world know it! God has truly blessed America...and in time of need, famine, disaster WE bless the world as much or more than all the other countries in the world combined! WE are always the first to be called on AND the first to be criticized. There was a poll of Muslims, I belive by Boston U, after 911 asking "What kind of people are Americans?". The answer was telling..."Greedy, Violent and Immoral." Next question..."How do you know?...Answer, "We've seen your movies and watch your news."...next question..."How many of you have ever met an American?...answer, "One out of Eleven!!"...AMAZING and FRIGHTENING...the world's...AND OUR...perception of Americans is shaped by the major (liberal, anti-Bush) leaning media and HOLLYWOOD! God help us...WAKE UP AMERICA...ultimately the power is ours...not the government's or media's...to change. Stand up...do and say what you know in your heart is truly correct and right!

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    I, as for everyone here, cannot speak for all of Americans living in America and all over the world. I, for one, love the difference in cultures throughout the world. I am intrigued by just how different people truly are. I have lived in Canada, Germany and Italy as well as served in Iraq and Kuwait. I like the differences, i love to learn about them. My problem is this, the United States has no identity. Go to Italy, Sweden, China or Japan, and they have a national identity. Come to America, you have little Italy, Chinatown, Little havana and everything else. America truly is the melting pot of the world, but we must also have our identity. Come to America, do it legally, pay taxes and call yourselves American. I am of Italian descent, but never call myself Italian-American. I am american. Be proud of your descent and background, but be proud that you are American. We are important to the world, but we should not be the world police, not should we let injustices occur throughout the world. One last thought. Get to know people, not the stereotypes of people we all know exist. Ask me where im from and I will say America, and this is why i love my country, and i will ask you, why are you proud of your country. Than maybe we will learn about our differences and make this country great.

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    4 years ago

    What precisely is taught in British colleges? i'm asking this question truly. i desire that somebody will respond thoughtfully. I truly have chanced on youthful English to be a number of the main exquisitely knowledgeable human beings interior the international in my view, yet i haven't been interior the united kingdom through fact the "new international order" we've been listening to plenty approximately (1991) and that i'd desire to admit, i'm at a loss attempting to take excitement in a number of the failings I study on Y!A uk/eire. frequently demanding, no longer through packaging, yet through content textile. fortuitously, I talk German and would bounce to Yahoo!clever each and every time i think the want for a significant verbal replace. i do no longer comprehend what to tell you. there's a poisoned high quality to lots of what's published on Y!A uk/eire. They rant approximately American stupidity. Frankly, stupidity and harmless lack of know-how of alternative cultures is fairly perfect, as which could be corrected. Primitive, feral habit is a touch harder to take excitement in. different than for being strangely reluctant to pass the super pond anymore, it hasn't replaced me. I nonetheless think of the united kingdom is the main considered necessary "island" interior the international. At this point in my life, I had was hoping that i does not would desire to verify eastern and look eastward.

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    If we weren't smarter than the average bear, we wouldnt be a World Superpower. Ain't that right Yogi?

    (Psstt!! That's an American pop culture reference. Close your eyes and run so as not to be contaminated by the Evils of the Western Ways)

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    I do not know the answer to your question, i do know that so many other cultures hate Americans, yet they do not know us, as we do not know them..

    The other coountries ,or cultures that hate us, really hate our government, not the idividual every day people, just like we do not know the every day individual person in Iran, IRAQ, Israel, we know what the news says, we know what we hear, and they respond to their government and what their government says about us, yet is is the leaders


    I DO NOT HATE OTHER CULTURES, i really am facinated by them, and have no hatred for different countries, other than evil terrorists who harm innocent people to make a statement, etc I think it is frightening, one day we are all here, in our own lives, and the next day, it could be BOOM.....

    Source(s): my source is the bible, we are to love our neighbor, and yet it seems almost impossible to achieve this, and so the world is destroying itself, and no one really wins,
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    GREED is the number one reason. So many people are greedy nowadays and no one stops to think of the consequences. This country is full of hatred and no one can just lend a helping hand these days. What happened to helping your neighbor????

    I don't lay the blame on just Americans but as a whole society.

    Everyone is greedy and no one wants to take the blame for anything. Times have changed ever so rapidly and a lot of people need to be stopped in their tracks to give them a reality check.

    I hope for the best for this country and it's future but at the rate we are all going................... idunno.

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