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anti-Semitic and Mil Gibson? is that an evidence that media is controlled by Jewish?

is this is an evidence that the media is controlled by Jewish?

once Gibson done one mistake, the whole media jump on him like he has done a crime? so what's the big deal if he was drunk or no?, All the celebrates get drunk, they just didn't get caught yet. they try to get him back because of the movie Passion of the Christ.

and ofcurse they call everyone anti-Semitic, so everyone can shut up and never speak. there is no anti-Semitic. and i don't think he hate anyone.

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    You think that the American media is captured by the jews just because of this incident? You have absolutely no idea about the extent to which the American media is this documentary

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    Have you read or heard the transcript of the things he said and did when he was drunk?

    The media didn't get him drunk and ask him questions about jewish people. He chose to get drunk and then the thing most on his mind while drunk was how much he hates jewish people.

    I don't see this as a media problem. I see this as a hypocrite problem.

    I'm glad the truth came out. I have always found his "holy" act a bit hard to believe.

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    The Media and the Jewish had nothing to do with it. Mel Gibson admitted to making anti-semitic comments. Period.

    This all coming from a person who claims to be a religious man. Yeah right, love your neighbor.

    Braveheart is my favorite movie and he used to be one of my favorite actors, but he started turning into a crud ball since then. Just my opinion.

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    You are defending Mel Gibson?

    It's not the content of what he said, it's the fact that he was irresponsible about his actions. He was drunk and disrespectful. People of celebrity status are representative of our country because they are in the media, which is worldwide. Because of this, they should be respectful in public. It's this kind of behavior that makes us all look bad.

    I would not take his apology too seriously, he's only doing it for damage control.

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    Mel Gibson showed his true colours by saying what he did, and the media members are quite happy to print these things. Two years, Mel said "no" to Barbara Walters when she asked if was anti-Jewish.

    The truth has now come out.

    Also, Mel is very homophobic. And an alcoholic. Mel has nobody to blame for his troubles except for Mel Gibson. He did it to himself.

    What goes around, comes around. Mel is now getting his just dessert (humble pie).

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    All people have free will to choose to question, respond and be creative in regards to themselves and issues. I am controlled by God only, what does a particular faith have to do with anything. Too many people worry about what others are doing and not focusing on themselves to better the human race. Our souls need to be enhance, that is our job. Take others opions as freedom of speech or vision. You don't have to believe anything you don't want to. That is another opinion to ponder, Mine

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    Freedom of speech is not there when you go anti-semitic

    there is freedom of speech everywhere for everything , but when you go anti-semitic your lips are sealed -

    you can not talk against holo----. its a crime :d

    i dont know if i should even write the complete name here , or i would be banned from yahoo :d

    freedome of speech should be there, but with some limitations and restrictions.

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    No, the media isn't controlled by the Jewish faith. Hollywood is.

    The media is controlled by liberals.

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    apparently Hollywood is very Jewish run and it was them applying pressure on the media

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    Its evidence that the media is controlled by CHRISTIANS! not the jews.

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