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how do rc helicopters fly upside down, why dont they get sucked into the ground?

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    Only RC 3D helicopters have this capability.

    The blades rotate around creating lift for the helicopter to fly.

    by reversing the pitch of the blade, will causes the lift on the opposite side. if you were flying it normally, and reversed the pitch of the blade this would force the helicopter to be pushed down to the ground, violently. But if upside down will create lift

    Now the trick is to flip the heli around,

    Simple by using the collective, you basically fly back with a violent movement, causes to flip, but the same time you change the pitch of the blades.


    It's better to show you, then to explain

    Check out this site, it has a demonstration of a helicopter fling upside down, note this guy is a pro

    Flying RC helicopter requires a lot of practise, and skill

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    WOW, I didn't know helicopters could fly upside down. I really don't think that they can. I've never seen or heard of this happening except in the case where a crash was immediately imminent.

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    The pitch works both ways.

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    centrifical force, they are flying so fast they are forced upwards when they loop over.

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    becuz it has its own gravity. it pulls itself up into the air. it has its own gravitation. just like jets!!

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    1 decade ago

    They are lighter!

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