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Why is that relationships which were deep at one point of time, fray end up being cold almost like strangers?

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    When the priorities and idealogies change with the changing time and position/status,an unwarranted and unwanted gap startsgripping between the two.Both of them keep trying their best to tolerate the other persons behaviour, trying not to hurt the other person and also with a fear of losing company so much that it becomes intolerabl for either/both of them an decide to seperate, and suprisingly the pain is also not so grave as thought and unfortunately, you become strangers once again.

    I can understand this better as I just parted with my very dear friend of mine after twenty years of long friendship.But ours ended with due respect, dignity, and tears in my eyes. I mailed her my views with lots of love in that seperating letter,not having received any reply so far.

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    Simple..Like what you said..It was deep.. So if there's some lagging like, if your partner is not acting up to that 'standard' you think they are cold..or the relationship has faded and change.

    We are human beings, we can't always be so lovey dovey 24hours 7 days per week. So when we tend to slack abit to focus on other more important stuffs like our career, we are being told that we are changed and we are cold to our partner.

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    Probably because what you considered to be deep wasn't all that deep and you relationship was not able to grow and flourish. Not saying you are, but you may think that going together to the mall to shop is a 'deep relationship' but in reality, it's not all that deep and so in the long run, the relationship fizzles...

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    It takes two to make a relationship work.

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    Good question....wish I could figure that one out myself. I guess just other stuff gets in the way. Kids, work, just life in general...

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    Unmet expectations and wrong assumptions.

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    Lot of sex my friend.

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