What is the legal status of children in USA and Europe which are born without marriage?

While is Europe and USA, men and women are living together more frequntly without marriage and produce babies. What is the legal status of these children as they can't tell their actual father's name.

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    Legally, their status is the same as children born inside of a marriage.

    As for parents' names, there tends to be a slight difference. If a mother is married, the father's name on birth certificate is usually automatically put down as the man the mother is married to, unless different arrangements have been made. If the mother is not married, the mother then has the choice of who to put down as the father of the child(usually with the consent of the person being put down).

    The identity of the child's parents may be challenged legally with proof of parentage being supplied, and this will change the legal status of the parents and the rights they have with regards to the child.

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    what does **legal status** mean?

    Generally, children born in a country are typically a citizen of that country.

    Children born of a particular person are typically a citizen of that person's country.

    You would have to check the laws of the specific countries.

    If USA, then citizenship applies as stated in both sentences above.

    The lack of a known father may only impact on citizenship from father.

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