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I wish there were more time in the day! How can I function with less sleep?

I think sleep is mostly a waste of time and I do fine most of the time with 5 hours or less, but I need MORE time!So any way to get less time wasted with sleep? Or maybe ideas on how to be more efficient?

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    It may not seem like it, but it is important to your body to get the proper amount of rest. Your best bet is to find out where most of your time is being wasted, then find ways to make adjustments.

    My biggest waste of time is sitting at the computer. I have to set a limit for myself, and sometimes set the kitchen timer. I often set it for 1 hour, then when the timer goes off, I get up and get something else done. I may only do one or two things, then reset the timer to go back to the PC, but at least I have accomplished SOMETHING!!

    I can't give you any other ideas on being efficient, as you didn't give us much info to work with. Everyone is different, therefore everyone wastes time differently.

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    Well, with two kids that are up most of the night, I've learned to sleep about 4 hours, right after they finally cave in....then get up at the regular time, and do my work while they're asleep....helps, since they cant' get underfoot, but the drawback is I can't do laundry, because the washer will wake up the little girl.

    You can try some caffiene products, but there's conflicting reports, and a lot of time, it depends on what tasks you're trying to complete....anything with rational action, or thought, might be impaired, or, to top it off, your handwriting skills will be like a bad EKG.....impossible to read.

    I'd say, lastly, you can function on 4 hours of sleep, for maybe a week, then your body will catch up with you....and you'll need to spend about a day sleeping to recycle your body. Good luck.

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    you're no longer on my own. a brilliant style of persons presently sense the comparable or has lengthy previous by comparable thoughts. you're basically attempting to sidestep or get faraway from each and every of the on a regular basis tension and hustle and bustles of existence. regrettably overdosing on slumbering pills won't shop you asleep for some days. If would make you sense crap once you awaken even though it would not boost. those in hospitals stay 'asleep' from consistent dose by iv drips. reckoning on what you're taking, there are anti-dotes for overdoses so its no longer that basic to die from small overdoese those days. It sounds such as you opt for day off. Breakaway from each and every little thing and function some days, weeks or months to realign your self. discover what you opt to do or seize-up on very own issues which choose doing. Take your guy or woman time. no longer something is nicely worth better than your wellbeing. in case you may no longer cope with the melancholy, attempt some antidepressants. At this point, one can have the money for some weeks for it to take result until now it extremely is too overdue. those stuffs do no longer artwork in one day. be sure you have social help until now commencing on them as some edge effects would possibly no longer be effective and a brilliant style of trial and mistake until you discover one that fits. Take care

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    I often work on 4-5 hours of sleep, but it take a lot of practice. It took a year for my body to adjust. BUT on your off days you will have to make up that sleep debt. I can HONESTLY tell you though, running on that little sleep did awful AWFUL things to my body. My weight went up, bad skin, joint problems.

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    The irony is that if you get more sleep, you will be more efficient during your waking hours.

    As they say, you can't fool mother nature. Don't try, get enough sleep!

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    learn to relax. efficiency isn't necessarily the best thing in life.

    If you take your time doing things, you'll do them faster too...

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    If you need more time in your day? STAY OFF THE COMPUTER!!

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