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what to do when stomach ache?

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    I had to go to the hospital last week for one. Was a stomach ulcer.

    Don't eat for quite a while and rest

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    I won't suggest a thing. Stomach aches may be caused by other things.. you may have gas pains or acids.. or you may have eaten something bad... or could be something worse.

    If your stomach ache is caused by acids or gas, it is ok to take antacids. if you have an upset stomach, it would be best for you to flush it out by taking laxatives. If you stomach ache is severe, it would be best to go to the nearest hospital and let the doctors examine you so they can make the right prescription.

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    Stop eating and give proper rest to the stomach. The cause of pain is due to accumulation of waste in the intestines. Drink cumin seed boiled water thrice a day. This may be due to gases also; hence, you can cut two garlic flakes into fine pieces and gulp with a glass of hot water to get rid of gases. Eat guava fruit. Avoid heavy meals and eat only fruits and salad with mint leaves for a day or two. Correct your constipation and drink sufficient water. Keep a hot water bottle on your stomach and this will also help in relieving pain. Finally, take little bishop seeds, pinch of asafoetida and black salt to boil them in 200 ml water and drink hot. Chew cardamom whole and Aniseed. Drink lemon juice. Rub your palms anti-clock wise for good relief. Take care and be in good health.

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