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What does it feel like to get high?

I understand that people do it to withdraw from life sometimes but why? I just dont get it, what does it make you feel like and think?

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    Everything races and you wonder what you can do in such little time. Having a conversation with another person could last twenty minutes, but a person who is high will think the time is short, not being able to recall the main points of the conversation.

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    It depends on the strength of the weed , and how often you smoke, also it hits everyone differently. If the weed is strong it will hit you good even if you've been smoking a while. The more often you smoke it the less of an effect it will have on you. In general it can make you feel floaty , it can make you feel as if you are the only person in the world that actually exists , It can feel like a dream , like everything is in slow motion, It can make you feel like you are made of lead. You can think weird thoughts , you connect things together , you can have realizations about your daily life. Every thing seems really funny sometimes. Different strains of the stuff can impact your emotions differently too. Some stuff can make you laughy ,other stuff can make you

    paranoid , then some stuff just makes you mellow. The more often you've been smoking , the more it just relaxes you and takes you out of your problems. Some people get the above mentioned paranoia all the time , some gets the laughs like I said before , then some people get horny , and others get really hungry a.ka. The munchies.

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    I am a 36 y.o. chronic pot smoker. Marajuana relaxes me, it seems to bring out my creativity, it calms my nerves, it helps with aches and pains, it makes me laugh and smile, it slows some people down, but it motivates me to get things done. And, at the end of the night it also helps me sleep. Montel williams has m.s. he has a lisence to smoke medicinal marajuana. He doesn't want to do it because it is a drug, but he DOES because it helps with his illness. Now for the cons, I spend too much money on it, I am always forgeting what i was going to say, and do. I feel tired and sluggish alot of the time. I think i need it to watch movies, go to the lake, party with friends, because otherwise i won't have any fun. When I run out I can be bitchy and mean. It eels your head with all of these good ideas, but all you ever do is sit around and talk about what you are going to do, but you never actually do it. And, it is powerfully hard to get a good job when you can't even pass a pee test! And who wants to go 30 days to get clean to get a job? I'd rather buy a milkshake with a 200% garuntee to pass a UA. Sad isn't it? So there t is in a nutshell may you make the best decision for you!

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    Depends on what you take. It felt like everything was working backwards as it moved forwards... kinda like everyone was moonwalking and you knew what they were going to do because you could see the future. It was just a perceptual thing though. Then I got really dizzy and a headache want went to lay down for a while. I was buzzing for 2 days, which is unusual for weed, or so I'm told. Maybe someone put something else in it. Only tried it a couple times and that was the last. I didn't like it, but your mileage may vary.

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    Close your eyes and spin for about 30 seconds. That's what it feels like. People get psycologically addicted and become hermits of sorts sometimes because they just want to get high, watch TV, and eat. Once their pot is gone, they come back out.

    PS: Deambree is smoking hot. I mean smoking!

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    As an escape mechanism, it's the equivalent of closing the curtains and turning off the light because you don't like the wallpaper and just as effective because when the sun comes up, the wallpaper is still there.

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    When I was younger I tried smoking proper ganja that is the bush not the tar, anyway before I smoked it I was gonna go to the shop to get something to eat cause I was hungry,after I'd smoked it I didn't want to go to the shop, I started thinking about everything else than my stomach,,I just think if you want to mess with your mind that's your business, I like my mind just as it is.

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    it's supposedly better than natural ways, like sex. I'd rather have sex. I guess you get dreamy, and feel like you're drifting along on an ocean breeze. I guess getting "high" means that you are high above the clouds, and are looking down at the earth. In other words, you are trippin!!

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    getting high makes your head feel cloudy and your movements sluggish you feel like you cant breathe and no matter how much you drink you still feel thirsty so then you feel bloated. you get paranoid and the feelings if your thinking about it dont do it most people do it just to be cool but they like to say their life is to hard and they need to get high to escape but they are just lying to themselves

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    It depends on what you are getting high on, how much you are doing, if you are mixing it with anything, and your mood before doing it.

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