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Pharmacy ripped off my Vicodens. What can I do?

I take Vicoden (hydrocodone 10/325). I was in the Doctors office one day (waiting to see him) and someone called on the phone and talked to the nurse. The Doctor came in the room and she told him that so and so called and needed more Vicoden, the pharmacy had not given him all his pills.

They both laughed and acted like the person was lying to get more pills.

I got my prescription (120 for the month) and left. My girlfriend got it filled a few days later for me. I counted them (I put them in a daily reminder thing). I was 10 pills short. She went back to the pharmacy and was told that she was wrong, they double count them.

I went right to the Doctor and told him. I got the (yeah, right) look from him. I showed him an old bottle and the one that I just got shorted on. There was no way that 120 pills would fit into the bottle. He said there was nothing he could do. Small town here and only 2 pharmacys. I go to the other one now.

What can I do? I'm pissed being called a lier.


Since I'm not the only one being ripped off. What is happening to the pills. A few from each person's presription adds up.

I have always gotten the same sized bottle till the time that they ripped me off. What I did get (110) was crammed in there real tight. They must of been taking them as they filled them.

I know that I should of called the police right then and there. Hind sight is 20/20.

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    This is a tough one dude.. I have to take pain meds on a daily basis because of an injury suffered falling from a ladder.. The stigma that surrounds narcotics will not go away thanks to addicts and the media. You have to understand that the doctor has heard every excuse in the book and then some, the same is true for the pharmacey. I had a (friend) steal about 35 tablets of my medication and didn't even bother calling the doctor.. I just lowered my dose.. Recently I lost a multitude of pills when I opened the bottle over the sink.. I did call my doctors office, but they never called back. Looks Like I have to cut my dose in half this time. What I try to do, is only take what I need, so I am able to save a few pills each month. That way I am covered when such things happen. You have to understand the abuse rate of narcotic medication. Though doctors should take more time to consider the source of the complaint. Espically knowing the number of pharmacists addicted to pills also. Doctors should also know that their patients will become physically dependant on narcotic pain meds in a realitivly short ammount of time and make sure that their patient is weened of the drug as to not have withdrawl symptoms. They should also be responsiable to kepp their patients from also suffering these effects in cases such as yours. Next time you go to the drug store, please, ask the druggist to count the pills for infront of you. Keep them locked up, and as I have suggested, save a few.. Good Luck my friend..

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    contact corporate or the district manager. work at a pharmacy and you cant really blame them for not believing you, there are a lot of people that get addicted to it and they do whatever they can to get more pills and the pharmacy staff hears different kinds of excuses every day, several times a day. once it leaves the store, you cant really do anything. so you better make sure you have the right pills, dont mind the other people waiting in line. some pharmacists just give you the difference out of courtesy or if they really know that they made a mistake. some pharmacies use a "counter" which isnt accurate

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    You wern't called a liar.. You felt like they THOUGHT you were a liar.. there IS a difference.

    You need to do a few things. You need to double check that you dont have a "partial" refil still on file with the pharmacy. Sometimes the pharmacies run out of the big bottles so they partially fill the prescription.

    Ok.. so let's say you don't have any on file. The next step is to speak with the pharmacist at the store. Explain to him that you are not seeking restitution of the 10 pills lost but that you are wanting to make a complaint and express your concerns that an employee may have been stealing prescriptions by shorting customers. Tell them that it also may have been an honest mistake but that you feel obligated to inform them of the discrepancy.

    Then you need to file a missing prescription (partial) with your local police agency.

    Then you need to get a hold of the crporate headquarters or owner of the parmacy and show them the copy of the report so they know you are serious. They may start and investigation on the employees of the store.

    Then, you need to call the local Drug Enforcement Agency in your area and lodge a formal complaint. You can usually get their number through your local FBI office.

    You can choose from there to contact an attorney and discuss the situation (usually for free) about if you have a case against the pharmacy.

    You could also contact your local inverstigative news agency and let them know whats going on.. might make a newsworthy story!

    Lastly, with all documentation in hand, you need to go back to your local doctor and explain to him that you don't take this kind of situation lightly and you feel that he was being unprofessional in his previous attitude with him. You have the right to stand up for yourself.

    You may ned to find a new pain management specialist who will be more in tune with their patients.

    If your Doctor continues to be ruse you should file a complaint with the Ethics board of the AMA (American Medical Association) or your local medical review board. He can't treat you like that.

    Hope that helps

    Good Luck

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    Report the pharmacy to the Better Business Bureau. They have an online website. Also maybe check to see if there is a licensing board for pharmacist in your state and report the pharmacist to it. That's about all you can do. The same thing happened to my Mom and it really pissed me off. I doubt that all pharmacist are above pocketing and/or using drugs themselves.

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    Unfortunately, you can't do anything. Just move on. I know it really bites, but there isn't any recourse. Once you've taken it out of the store, they have no reason whatsoever to believe you.

    Keep going to the other one, and let them know why you changed. Places like to hear things like that, and chances are if they've done it to you they'll have done it to others, and your new pharmacy may want to keep track of it for you. Pharmacists are generally pretty decent people, they don't like it when other Pharmacists give them a bad name!

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    Contact corporate and file a complaint against the pharmacy. Next time you get your RX filled, don't leave until you count them, right there on the counter. Don't let the next person in line come up until you are done.

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    if i were u i would count them right there at the counter when u pick them up. make sure u have a witness and have one of them standing there as u count your pills.

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