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Good looking Men with Average Girlfriends!?

I didnt know how to formulate that into a small question.

Anyways I have been noticing alot more Good Looking

guys are dating average/mediocre and some times

less attractive women. I have been seeing it alot actually!

I see gorgeous women dating average guys, and gorgeous

men dating average women.

Is this a coincedence or is there something else going


Do women and men do this for different reasons?

I live in California and it sorta suprised me.


BTW guys, im not complaining it.

I feel its a good thing. Just curious.

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    well i guess there is an explination

    lets see whe someone is hot it means that they will have lot of chances to meet and date lot of ppl includin all kinds so they learn abt ppl and they learn that it isnt only abt wht ppl looks like so they look for personality more than looking,thats why its not a surprise for me when i see that my bro is so damn hot and he knew a million girl now he is amrried to less than average woman and he us totally in love with her cuz she showed him more love and more great personality!

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    Guys are more and more getting tired of a stuck up woman’s BS and they’re attitudes. So, they are going for the NON barbie image and we are much happier. The barbie and the priss thing is just getting old. Average women don’t think they are all that , but know that they are somewhat attractive nor try to think she is better than everyone else. Average women and men generally think about the same goals and are on the same playing field. Thats why we click and the dime a dozen "Paris Hilton" types out there are just in love with themselves and by themselves......

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    Maybe its because the really pretty women are arrogant or intimidating and these guys are more comfortable with normal girls.

    You obviously sound bitter about this which suggests you regard yourself as above average. And with that opinion, men are going to run a mile.

    Who says that conventionally good looking people should only date each other? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder you know.

    A very naive and childish question.

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    Consider the intimidation factor of beauty. How many people are even going to actually approach them, thinking they must get it all the time, I have no chance, why even bother? So the few people who get up the nerve, actually talk to them, and probably rely more on their personality rather than their looks to get them by are more likely to be successful... being beautiful is hardly the key to happiness, much like money often brings problems you never even knew existed, at least as far as my own experience has shown.

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    Yea yesterday I saw this "normal" teenage boy with his girlfriend who looked like she weighed 250 pounds. Strange thing I thought.. looks aren't everything but there needs to be attraction I'd think..

    Also, I often see girls who objectively look like total babes, and you just know allmost every guy would drool over them, but for some reason I don't even bother a 2nd glance. While on the other hand there are girls who may not look like babes (I'm not talking about fat and ugly here, thats the extreme) but who have just got that "thing" that makes them soo attractive.. Hard to explain but I get sweeped of my feet more often by such girls than by the babes!

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    Because these people have all learned that personality is the most important thing. Plus everyone has different ideas of what is attractive so average to you may be gorgeous to someone else.

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    personality traits really matter while making socail relation and if two people with different traits one goodlooking and (with hard nature)and other little avg in looking but with loving and care nature they somtime make perfect pair regarding trait interection and socail norms .Another factors is when you have first love or affair and u got full satisfaction you normally stay to that relation and not think about other.

    every one has needed love level ! if your partner is satisfaying you then look or any thing not metter .

    make love in a such way that other partner think that you are most caring and gifted person.

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    Let me tell you the reason...The guys figure they wont cheat, they think the pretty ones will. This is their take on this, i asked many, many males that same question and i to live in California

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    Maybe they are PhD students or something and what thet lack in looks they make up for in brains.

    Can annoy me when I see a hot woman with an ugly guy...maybe he is well endowed?

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    maybe they just like their personality and enjoy being with them, or maybe they have a lack of confidence and feel that good looking men/women are out of their league, or maybe they are just desperate and want an easy fook

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