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Does anyone kno where to buy a Harry kewell socceroos jersey?

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    Youd be hard pressed to find one that actually hasprinting on the back out side of Australia.

    Nike doesnt bother unless youre a big team/player

    Hope this helps

    You will have to select "Yes" under Customize ant type in Kewell/10 for an extra 10 bucks.

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    Go to, click on National Teams, click on Teams from Asia, Oceania and Middle East, click on Australia, then click for more information on the only product and then if you're not satisfied that if you order it straight away just find a box saying without name and # click on the arrow to the right of the box and click on with our standard name and number (+$10.00), type Kewell 10 in the box below and then you're ready to order a soceroo's jersey with Harry Kewell's name and number on it.

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    Well try and go to rebel or a very familiar sports shop they sure should have some.I get lots of my socceroos stuff from rebel.Its the best place to go when you are looking for sports gear.

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    I believe Rebel Sport had the rights to sell 'Official' socceroos clothing, so that would be my best bet.

    That is, if you live in Australia? If not, i've no idea.

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    Socceroos Clothing

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