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How do i reject a guy?

ok theres this guy who is a family friend and is a year younger than me. his friends keep telling me he likes me, and i kinda like him, but it is hard because i don't feel like i should go out with him cos he is a family friend... buti dont want to hurt him (cos i like him) please give me advice =)

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    just tell him. Bob I don't like you in that way. OR

    Go out with him once and see if your idea about him change

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    First of all, don't assume that he likes you just because his friends tell you that. If he does end up telling you he likes you, then you make the decision. Just because he's a family friend, that doesn't change the fact that you like him. Don't let that stop you. That might actually help you. If your parents already know him and like him, that could make the relationship easier. Or, if you decide rejecting him is what you're going to do, do it in a nice way. You could say something like, "I think we'd be better off as friends because if we break up, our friendship may never be the same." Good luck and I hope this will help.

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    What is important - is what YOU want - bugger image and what is seemly and correct. Don't let your family get in the way of your happiness and this man you like. If he is not actually related to you, then there's no problem - let nature take its course - don't fight it. You might well find that after you have been out with him - it didn't work out anyway - but at least you'll know and won't feel you have been denied what every person on this rock has a right to - happiness and a loving companion !!!!!!!!!!!

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    just be very honest with him.....i know this sounds hard to do ....but really's the most sincere way of telling someone this close who u don't want to hurt.

    tell him that u value the friendship u share and would not want to take the faintest chance of having that marred because of a relationship that may or may not work out for the best .

    all the best ! by the way i think you're a very good friend....atleast you're considerate !

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    Just be friends with him. When you are older and not living under your parents' roof you can decide if you want to have a more than friends relationship with him. But for now, it's like dating a co-worker, which is NEVER a good idea.

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    Did the guy tell u he likes u. Dont jump into a decision listening to his friends. First find out whether they said was true. If it is true just tell him that ur just his friend and not to have any other intentions

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    are you married? (and that guy it`s like you secret lover?)...if not , so tell him the truth: that you like him, but it`s difficult to have a relationship because......sorry.: in this case use your hard not your brain , so : don`t reject him!, ( I`am in the same situation a little,: my girlfriend is the sister in law of a family friend),

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    If he is already your friend, you should be able to sit down and talk to him about it and let him know how you feel. The best reason not to be with him is becuz if it does not work out your friendship will never be the same.

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    Gurl i got dat prob to i went out wit dis boy for all last scool year and i didn't like him but i learned to write it down so you don't need to see day face win day get dah bad news.

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    it's okay to like him. If he's a family friend go ahead at least he's not a stranger and when you two are gonna have a relationship its gonna be easier for your family to accept.

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