How many children do you want to have after you get married ?

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    I love this question.

    I didn't plan to have ANY children once I got married, gradually I changed my mind.

    I now have 4. I am done. :*)

    Hopefully anyone making this decision will consider their financial situation and relationship situation before bringing any children into the equation.

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    I got married and now I have four children, two boys, two girls. Ideal amount really. Boy 10, Girl 8, Girl 4, Boy 2. The older two get along well, as do the younger two. I was one of four kids too!

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    I found out that counting children (it wasn't me) before I

    had them.....made it a sad marriage for others to begin with ...

    Once I got married.....when I had children....I learned

    the beauty and happiness of having what came.....

    I loved the children, whether boy or girl.....I never found

    out what sex or how many before I gave birth. This

    natural process mademe a complete wife, woman and mother and I wouldn't have traded the experiences for anything. My husband and me A very happy couple. we are.

    I wanted more children, but I have what God gave me and

    now we might adopt. We will see how secure we are in the

    next couple years to do that.

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    I'm married...and we want NONE!

    Our reasons for this are as follows:

    Overpopulation is going to destroy this planet. Every environment has a carrying capacity for a given population of organisms. Human population is growing at an unsustainable rate.

    Besides, look around you at the wars, crime, pollution, consumerism, ignorance, materialism, corruption, corporate greed, urban sprawl, environmental degradation, could you want to bring a kid into this world???

    Lastly, and least important: kids are noisy, messy, and expensive. We LIKE sleeping in on the weekend, not struggling to make ends meet, being able to travel, go out, spend time together, etc.

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    Two would be good. They can enjoy the company of the other without sacraficing their share in life (it's hard when u gotta split everything more than 2 ways) LOL This also teaches your children how to care for one another. I would think people with siblings grow up to do greater things...cuz one another is always striving to be better than the other! JMO


  • Yaakov
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    1 decade ago

    I once thought 2 or 3, then I thought 9 or 10. Right now I'm thinking 5 or 6. -yk

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    I would like to have 2.

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    i want 3 to 5 kids. im the only child, so when i get married, i want a big family

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