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is it true you can increase you height during puberty by swimming a lot?

my friends a swimmer and hes really tall and his dads really short

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    I read some where that you grow when you are sleeping.

    It might be just from genetics.

    Then again, when you are swimming you are not pounding down on your joints in your legs & back. Thus you will stand tall. Just a random thought.

  • lily
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    1 decade ago

    Swimming is really good at combating osteoporosis, but I doubt you'd be at risk for that during puberty. But if it's good for osteoporosis, it also is good for increasing the density of bones. That would be good for your spine to have increased density which could possibly increase your height, but really, only marginally.

    I doubt that swimming is what caused your friend to become really tall when his dad is short.

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    You have to look further back in his family tree. Height, as far as I know is predetermined by your genes, I dont know that there is a lot you can do to change it and I seriously doubt swimming would do it however maybe regular exercise and a balanced diet will assist you to be the height you should be, dont put on heaps or weight and smoke.

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    doubt it.

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