My stepson has a Hemp plant in his bedroom. Is cannabis made from Hemp?

He says hemp is not a drug, his father and I want to make sure that we do not have an illegal substance in our house.

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    Neeh Pardon me Doc, but why is he growing it in his bedroom & not outside in the sun? Maybe so that no one.... like the police can see it? could be? why grow hemp? why not roses in the bedroom? a lot nicer and more useful then hemp. wake up Mac, the kids grow'n pot in your house! if a miner, you could get busted instead of him!

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    Tell your stepson that since Hemp is not a drug, you are bringing your friend from the police department to take a look at it. Watch him turn white as a sheet. Then tell him to get rid of it. Why do you think the sailors of old smoked rope? was made of...HEMP!! Keep a close eye on that kid. He's heading for trouble.

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  • Many of these answers were good, but still, not entirely correct.

    The bottom line is:

    It is still illegal to grow any kind of cannibis in the USA. It doesn't matter if its hemp (non-drug) or marijuana (drug), it's still illegal.

    It must be marijuana growing in his roon, since importation of viable hemp seeds (or even marijuana seeds) is illegal. Get rid of the plant before YOU get into trouble. And keep a closer eye on your kid.

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    I 100% agree with rainbeauclown.

    And yes- he's totally growing marijuana in your house. And if the police were to come a knockin' and you did not call them yourself over what YOU found- you're going to have a not so pretty blotch on your police record.

    However- I would seriously look into finding someone with whom your child can speak with (counseling maybe?). He could be dealing with problems (drugs, abuse, bullying, trying to look 'cool') that he won't discuss with you. Please understand that their are some things that (to this day) we never want to discuss with our parents. Keep a rational head about it- or their is no telling what he will hide from you in the future. He'll learn later in life that anything you do that he hates is only b/c you love him.

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    well technically hemp itself is not a drug. there are thousands of practical uses for hemp. im no expert but i grew up in hawaii so ive seen alot of hemp...

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    they are the same plant,hemp comes from cannabis

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    Hemp is a common name for Cannabis and the name most used when this annual plant is grown for non-drug purposes.

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    Your son is growing marijuana in his room. Tell him that he is not fooling anyone.

    Don't just tell him to get rid of it - watch him destroy it! Otherwise he will just go plant it somewhere else. The stuff grows fast!

    PS: if the police were to find this growing in your house, you'd be the one being hauled away!! Be careful.

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    Yes, get the plant destroyed. Ask him to grow some other plant instead.

  • Dale N
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    They are the same.

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