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What is the real reason of being bald?and?

our body can't produce the hair .. or .. can not bring it out ..

is there any problem with these two reasons ..

I mean our body lack the materials for producing hairs .. or .. because our body not able to bring the hair out .. then these materials will effect one's health .. any doctor can explain this for me ? thank you ....

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    Sometimes you lose hair because your follicles are damaged.

    Generally speaking, there are a few reasons for hair loss:

    - stress

    - unhealthy diet (too much beer, meat, seafoods)

    - inherited genetics

    For the former two, hair loss is usually reversible. But may take a little patience.

    For the latter, however, it takes much much longer time and much more effort to improve the condition.

    Anyway, you might want to consider shaving it all off. My husband did.. and I think it is cool cos my idol, Vin Disiel, is bald too:)

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    Some people just cannot reproduce the healthy root cells to regrow hair after it falls out. Everyone's hair falls out, but after time, some people cannot grow it back due to poor roots. They say you get hair genetics from your mother's father, but who knows if that's true.

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    One of the most common factors is rapidly rising levels of testosterone. One side effect is hair loss.

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    Bottom line if your mom's dad was bald or balding you will too!

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