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How dose a vet geld a horse?

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    they tranquilize the horse (knock him out) lay him down and

    they put these large clamps on the testicles and let them sit for a few minutes (i think this crimps the blood supply) then they cut open the testicles and remove them, some vets then sew them up but i've seen some that leave them open for drainage, then they wake the horse up

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  • Jan H
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    Actually it depends on the vet and the situation. *Most* of the time they're put out and done laying down. However, some are heavily drugged, given a local then done standing up - have seen it done that way many times. Less risk of a horse thrashing around coming out of anesthesia.

    For a ridgling (monorchid or chriptorchid where the testicles are retained in the body) it *must* be done by surgery...major operation.

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  • Nicky
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    They just cut off the testicles. Very simple and routine procedure.

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    they.. oh my sweet heaven. can't bring myself to say it.

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