Afro or perm? Why do you feel like that?

Why do I have to straighten my hair when it was not made that way? I wondered in January. So I had all the perm cut out my hair and started washing it and braiding it myself and wearing a wig (that is what it is for). It is august. My hair has grown back (thanks to all of you who gave answers on how to care for natural African amercan hair) strong an pretty and soft. I get more interested glances from men than before. But some women dont like it. I think they should wear their hair how they want to, and not insinuate I need to sraighten it (OLder women, mostly). I really dont care, but should I perm my hair? Why? To, uh, be like who? And if you dont like this, could you kinda, hm, stop acting like natural hair is unacceptable? That is so not right.

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    girl i used to have the same prob but i came to a solution and having your hair the natural way is best b/c most of the those who perm their hair don't have healthy hair and hardly have any to work with. so be proud of your Afro. BLACK PRIDE all the way.

  • I totally agree with you. Just like India Arie says "I Am Not My Hair." I've had a perm for years but now I regret it. I'm older now and my hair breaks more, so it is not good for your hair in the long run. I am going to try my best not to put another perm in my hair, I would rather go with my natural hair, what I was born with. I just hope I can do something with it. But stick to your guns.

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    my father always said that a woman cares more about what another woman thinks about her.but if she wants the truth-ask a man .this is so true! my family-older white folks , believe in short hair. i`ve worn my hair long,& have had a lot of put-downs-from them.personally ,i love to see cornrolls on black people,especially the ones that look like an artist did it -their are so many styles, i`ve worked with the disabled & i remember one lady that would fix one of the black patients hair-it was a treat. to see what design she would use each time.i love beads too, i have fixed my own daughters -8- in some ,i guess bohemian styles-she loves long long hair, i really wish i could do cornrolls with it, but my fingers won`t work daughter,has a classmate(black) who has the most beautiful long hair.for some odd reason in the past i think that black women tried to get their hair to look like white people,while white women tried to look like men.i`m grateful that we are ,hopefully, wearing our hair for our selves.

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    It's your hair. Wear it however you choose. Sorry, not much of an answer but I never did understand people that did things they didn't want because someone else said to.

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    straight hair looks better... afro looks so unnattractive imo. but go ahead and do what you want, after all, natural hair is healthy hair... but it doesnt mean that its good looking hair.

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