how can i communicate better with my scorpio?

I'm an aries female and my boyfriend is a scorpio. I'm already aware of what a difficult match this is. We're madly in love, its just that I find communicating to be difficult. Normally, I'm very blunt and to the point with people, but with him, I feel as if I bottle things up until I'm ready to explode. I hold back on talking about my feelings sometimes. Out of fear that he'll laugh at me. He sees my tough aries exterior most of the time, so when I have to mention something I'm sensitive about its like he doesn't take me seriously. For instance, I wanted to tell him that I wanted sex more often. I was so concerned about his reaction that I bottled up my feelings until I could no longer take it. I thought he would laugh at me and make me feel like an ***. Scorpio has total control over me and I want some of it back. Is it possible to get less intense reactions out of him?

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    I am a female scorpio and i don't behave like that i like to be told upfront what people think i am not into this dancing round the crap by telling somebody. I think this is your boyfirend being a complete Pr*ck. Usually Scorpios are pretty laid back until they are really, really pushed

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    Scorpio here. Dealing with a Scorpion can be a power struggle. But if you need to confront him then if you take him aside and speak nicely but assertively about how you really feel (not an ambush, because Scorpions are sensitive) then there's no reason for him not to take you seriously. Try to be detailed in how you feel about the situation itself, rather than in what you think he is doing wrong. And if he does indeed laugh at you, then he's probably not worth your time because that's a slap in the face that you don't need.

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    Oh, he will indeed laugh at you, but he will still listen. We Scorpios tend to be sarcastic, and blunt but honest, and we prefer honesty from others. find out when in the day he was born, so you can check his moon sign as well. Sagittarius moon is from 6 am to 8 am for Scorpios. I was born just before 6 am, and am Scorpio sun AND moon, so I tend to be a bytch

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    Yes! Just tell him! Scorps may tend to hide THEIR feelings too, but are very, very, appreciative of people who are honest (and esp. straightforeward, like Arians tend to be) and also insanely empathetic. He will understand- just try not to make him feel like he's doing anything wrong! They are sensitive. Make sure he's not hiding some hidden feelings too!!- because that is the poison that courses thru a scorp- "he is the only sign capable of stinging himself with his own tail"...

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    I am a scorpio. I thnk you bf will understand your feeling. Scorpion knows how to balance things well I do but scorpio are not really good at telling his feelings to others but deep inside we understand other people feelings..

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