Can humans give birth to an animal/human baby?

Before you scoff or give silly responses, hear me out: someone in my office really believes that a woman can be impregnated by a dog or tiger or other mammal and give birth to a half-human, half-animal creature. I know it's impossible, but... how do I know? I mean, I would have heard of this sort of phenomenon existing. I would like a scientific response to debunk this very bizarre urban legend. Thanks.

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    It's likely that you could cross a human with a chimpanzee because they are so similar. I would vote for a chim father and a human mother, then, because the chim hibs are too narrow for the birth of the human-chimp baby which would maybe have a bigger skull than a chimp baby. Even if this could not happen with insemination, it might be achieved with in vitro fertilization.

    Another issue is if a non-human embry could be implanted in a human uterus. This would surely be possible as it has been done with animals that are not even closely related (such as a cow surogate mother carrying a sable antilope fetus). It could probably be done with just about any ape or monkey.

    But such an animal would not be human-like at all since both genetic parents would be monkey.

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    Can humans give birth to an animal/human baby?

    Before you scoff or give silly responses, hear me out: someone in my office really believes that a woman can be impregnated by a dog or tiger or other mammal and give birth to a half-human, half-animal creature. I know it's impossible, but... how do I know? I mean, I would have heard of this...

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    No, the possibilty of a human being giving birth to an animal is remote. However even if such a thing happens , the offspring would be impotent(unable to reproduce sexually). A mule which is a cross between a horse and a donkey is impotent.

    it would be difficult for a human being to be impregnated by an animal as they would be incompatible. Even if it is done by artificial insemination, sexual reproduction, meiosis would be almost impossible. The chromosome numbers would be different and pairing would be difficult. A number of chromoses would have to be synthesized artificially by scientists which is best left to god. The pregnancy would terminate before the full cycle .

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    Let's just say that enough women have had sex with dogs that if pregnancy were possible it would have been recorded.

    The fact is that human and dogs diverged far too long ago for hybridisation to be plausible. All species are constantly mutating and spreading those mutations around. However after species cease exchanging genetic information mutations become isolate din just one population, and after tens of millions of years so many mutations accumulate that hybridisation becomes simply impossible. Basically any young concieved will not recieve enough viable copies of essential genes to enable them to survive.

    It is directly analogous to the way that French and Italian both derived from vulgar Latin. While the populations were linked directly as part of the Roman Empire the populations spoke the same language and conversed freely even though Latin itself changed greatly. However once the populations became separated they became mutually unintelligible because numerous tiny changes accumulated in each population that weren't transmitted to the other. Today and Itlalian speaker lacks sufficient common words with a French speaker to be able to communicate.

    Humans almost certainly are interfertile with chimps. We only diverged aournd 5 million years ago and all other species that diverged so recently remian interfertile. So it would be astounding if a woman were not able to become pregnant by a chimpanzee. Gorillas are another possibility for being interfertile with humans.

    But any species more remote than that would be very unlikely to be able to succesfully hybridise with our own. In the case of dogs our species diverged over 50 million years ago, far to far back for hybridisation to remain feasible. We are simply to far removed genetically.

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    Fertilization of sperm and ovum can occur only when they are of same species or closely related species. This is because the ovum plasma membrane has receptor sites for the sperm which is specific for that species or closely related species only. Even if any other sperm enter the female human it would become a foreign body to the body and is destroyed. Human and dog are far related species and hence cannot interbreed ( may be in future it may be done in vitro by modifying the conditions.. who knows what science is going to do!!)

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    First of all, what exactly did this guy do ? And don't hesitate to call the humane society if he does it again...only kidding! Well it wouldn't be a viable pregnancy right? Tell him to prove its ever happened! And also if he knows women who have sex with animals, thats just GROSS!

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    I understood ur question.let us suppose that a monkeys sperms are inseminated into a human female,the sperms will die out beforereaching(why dont human sperms die will be ur next question read ahead).When the sperms reach the ovum, the ovum release a chemical fertilizin,if the sperm produces antifertilizin(which only sperms of human species can do) the ferti. process would preceed or the sperms are killed by the lytic enzymes

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    It is impossible yet............

    tiger + lion = liger

    donkey + horse = mule

    these two things i saw and read on that

    These two things are possible........

    Mule is wonder of science becoz cross hybridisation is possible between only those animals whose chromosome no. is same.......... but for mule, the chromosome no. of donkey and horse is different.......... but still mule borns........

    rest of things are totally impossible yet......... but i dont know about future......... becoz nothing is impossible for science.

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    Do u see before any human did that??

    No rite???


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