what was the name of the first album of metallica?

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    Kill 'em all (1983)

    Jump into the Fire EP (1984)

    Ride the Lightning (1984)

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    Kill 'Em All was the name of their first album. However, the album was originally going to be called Metal Up Your *** until the record distributors would not accept it because of it's vulgarity and because of the cover art which Metallica wanted to put with it. The original cover art was a toilet with a hand holding a knife pointed upwards and sticking out of the toilet.

    The new name of Kill 'Em All was suggest by then bassist Cliff Burton in his reaction to the record distributors unwillingness to accept the original title. He thought they should kill all the record distributors, kill 'em all.

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    1 decade ago

    No life till leather was their first Demo, Kill them all was their first album.

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  • 1 decade ago

    KILL 'EM ALL (1983)

    (It's nice!)

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