what should i do in college to prepare my self so i cand get in a good med school in california like stanford

i really want to get into stanford med school ... i'm a highschool student

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    Along with the above advice, call the med schools you're interested and see what specific classes they look for, and what marks they require. Most schools have TAs and tutors available for free, use every last second you can of those services.

    Also, check if volunteer experience at a physio therapy clinic or hospital will help out, if you're really gung ho, try a medical help abroad program. Volunteer experience will often highlight a student when you're comparing large groups with the same marks.

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    that you may suitable-rated in even with, despite the indisputable fact that be wide awake maximum pre-med students do not get authorized to medical training. to that end, it really is suitable-rated to p.c.. a mandatory which both enables pre-med publications and provides reliable fallback occupation prospects. Biochemistry/Chemistry is likewise a reliable option, despite the indisputable fact that on condition that the degree is ACS-approved (for respectable employment). Pharmaceutical Sciences could also be surprising.

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    Study, study, study. Don't waste your time partying. I guess you'd major in pre-med so your college advisor will help make sure you're taking the right classes. Keep your grades up.

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